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Terrorists are not senseless killers!! [Copy link] 中文

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What about the guy who blew himself and 30+ other people up in Fuzhou?

Is he "not a senseless killer" as well?

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reply to christopher


oh well

crap on cowardly terrorists!

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88 crap on yourself first, Reply to mancius

Under the same terminology, Americans are cowardly terrorists as well. You are welcome to prove to me any time that they are not, if you can.

Second of all I am telling you, no matter what you say or do, no matter how many so called "terrorists" the American "terrorists" kill, you will never be able to defeat those poor masses you call terrorists.

You realize that don't you, but the problem is you are a hardliner who prefers violence and has an ego the size of lady liberty.

Mancius just proves my point with the story he posted. A poor man, cheated and oppressed, protested by violent suicide the injustice in China. It would be a lie if I said China did not have major flaws like for example corruption, but the bottom line is that this man was not a Muslim. Which proves any one can commit such a violent and unlawful act as a protest for injustice, and let me tell you that if you are not rich and you are not connected in China, than you are as good as dead already!

This man's answer was the wrong answer to real problems. YES I said it! The WRONG ANSWER to REAL PROBLEMS!

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It crept into the crapper to crap


NoI Real Muslims don't believe in terror. I don't really think that is part of their religion. I have a copy of the Koran -- where is it written that terror is the intention of the God of Love?

Islamic radicals believe in terror -- they are fringe elements.

Some Americans are fringe elements as well.

Terror is not love.

It is an absence of love.

It is a quest to turn this world and everything in it to utter garbage.

It is a quest to the glint of hope and happiness out of every living eye that it can touch.

It is the true evil.

It is the blackness that covers life.

It is the snuffing out of the candle.

It is the end of the song.

It is the sand that once was a forest.

It is the dustbowl that once was clean fresh air.

It is the ruble where people once danced.

It is the blood that has coagulated and rotten.

Terror is the disease of evil.

It has no sense of love.

It has no sense of understanding.

It has no sense of hope.

It has no good sense at all.

It has just crept into the crapper to crap on everything -- including itself.

I say crap on it!

I wouldn't want to crap on something the terrorists have already crapped up -- it is theirs, they can keep their crap!

hehehe -- crap on a stick -- a lovely thing for the crappers to admire. They should keep it in their own pants!

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Reading your post I wasn't sure if you are talking about the average terrorist or America.

Anyways let us crap on both of them and call it even.

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poop on Israel!!!

Due to 88's educated post I feel obliged to poop on Israel. The rest of you can join me and poop on terrorists like, Al-Qaeda, America, Israel and CO.

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