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Terrorists are not senseless killers!! [Copy link] 中文

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88... I am tired...

Your speech was too long... also not necessary.

Of course it is not necessary for you to quote any of the WW2 speeches as this is not about WW2. Amazingly in your second last statement you made a reference to WW2 and how America saved the world. Trying to make me feel guilty? Buddy that was 70 years ago, and America was not in this war alone. It was a JOINED effort. Do you think America could have single handedly defeated Hitler?

The arrogance...

By the way I have not said America attacked Japan first. Check the post.

Now to reply what you said about terrorists... AHEM!

I, several time indeed, REPEATEDLY and so OFTEN typed that TERRORISM is the WRONG ANSWER to REAL problems.

Understand now? Is that simple enough for you?

You need to address the problems that cause terrorism. Do not say it is Islam, you know it is not Islam... ask the Oklahoma bomber if he was a Muslim.

Sigh... the ignorance...

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[grumble] Hey turkey lips, if you don't read the posts in your threads, then get

I do not need to address the reasons why terrorists feel obliged to act like criminals. Screw them! They can kiss my ass! If they ever try to take out an airplane I am on, I will be at their fuckin' throats, I sure ain't gonna sit down and have a coffee with 'em, you dummy!

I did not say the Americans saved the world -- you keep popping your notions off as if they came from me -- get out of here! Stupid ass, the discussion was about terror and your damn definition, stop trying to tell me what I was saying!

Look, the US government does what it does, it does not do what the American people wish nor think; it hasn't been responsive to the role of its stated democratic republic for a long damn time! What the hell are you talking about?

Why do you think the American people have grown so apathetic at the polls? Just what the hell do you think you know?

What makes you think I can change the US government? I ain’t the damn US government; are you a terrorist?

Can you change the terrorists?


The dip shit terrorists are trying to intimidate the US government, they sure as shit ain't going to intimidate a people that are not of the same kind of cowardly mindset as they themselves seem to be. Least ways, they wouldn’t take such dumbass approach to finding a solution to their perceived problems.

While I don’t think the US government should be involved in the Middle East, I sure as shit ain’t gonna listen to someone who want s to force me to do their damn bidding at the end of a knife! That kind of cowardly attitude is yours, not mine!

Yes, and I have grown quite tired of you.

Ignorance, is what you blabber, bud!

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Thank you seneca

"Finalthought the source of all wisdom, the Holy Grail" You only realized that now? You are a bit slow aren't you old fella.

A million has 6 zeros and 100 thousand has 5. Now you answer me a question, how many hairs does a cat have? Moron...

I was as much in Anatolia during WW2 as you were in Turkey counting the alleged 1.5 million slaughtered Armenians, even though only 1 million Armenians existed at that time. Are you BRAINLESS? Your second argument contradicts your first...

How low can you get? You are actually trying to bash me with Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and some guy called Albert Schweitzer? Next you will nail me to a cross?

I am not innocent but I have never killed anyone and I do not encourage war or murder, unlike most Americans. I have spoken to many Americans and most want war, blood and guts.  In fact I just want it to stop. Do you have a problem with that?

To those few Americans that want peace, I am really sorry to put you in the same bag as the rest of those baby killers.

I have blamed America for every possible Imperialist crime they have ever done? WHEN? ...annoying lying seneca guy...  For example, I have never blamed them for slaughtering American-Indians. DAMN YOU, NOW I DID IT! YOU TRICKED ME!

Seneca, since you have such a golden heart and you compare your self with Jesus and Gandhi, then may I ask you why you are not looking and discussing the issues that cause terrorism and world instability??

Sigh... pointless asking you anyways.

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The Israel/USA alliance in the middle east

can't expect the middle east not to hit back, the USA has the big weapons, the middle east has it's own way of hitting back.

Israel and USA support of Israel is global problem numero uno and is the real generator of "terrorism"

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Mr. Christopher, there is no way China can help Iraq or the Saudis.

But Persia, Central Asia will be defended against American aggression.

The rest of the world, especially the European Union led by France, Germany, Italy and Spain must find ways to defend Iraq, Syria and Turkey from American Hegemonic designs.

Forget about Israel at the moment, it is now no longer about Israel. It is European Union Vs. Hegemonic America!

As long as American needs durable, technology, consumeables, US$ markets from Japan, Korea, will not destroy Saudi Arabia.....and keep on supplying the needed oil to the Far East.

Israel is only a "Eye Catching" issue to "allow for deception". Don't be silly! Mr. Christopher.

fm Gd.

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88... menstrual cycle?

Your temper tantrums won't make a difference in this argument.

Anyways no matter how brave you think you are or you even are, I do not think you can intimidate a suicide bomber with words like, "DOH!" and " I will be at their throats".

You simply sound like Dubya addressing the nation and getting ready for war. Congratulations!

In fact I just have given you my opinion on how America can win this war on terror. Yes I said WIN. You can win it and no need to lose one drop of blood.

Your attitude right now is exactly what the American's all have in common. Temper tantrums! Like little babies... in fact, your way of fighting terrorism could be compared to fighting skin cancer with sun rays.

When you have grown up, little girl, maybe you can give it more thought.

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No sense of Love, no sense of courage, terrorists are their master's fools!

Still tryin' to flap your camel lips at a disinterested world?

I reckon the Islamists worship the same entity as the Judeo-Christians and the Japanese Imperialists. A God, named or not, who sits on a throne in the lower reaches of spiritual hierarchy. Its Godly purpose is relegated to oversee those whose karmatic cycle is bound in the vane pursuit of prideful lust.

To be indoctrinated at such a young and impressionable age into the world of Fear and Intimidation, your children have yet to find a way past the terror of their masters.

If I was the Emir of the United States I would have never supported Israel in its unholy approach of following its lustful pride. I would have never bothered with trying to conduct business with a people whose hidden agenda is the business of an ever-perpetuated cycle of ignorant age-old feuds and vengeance. I would have just stayed away and waited until you have all killed yourselves off!

I would have not listened to the moneyed power brokers who wanted to buy the oil from a backward Love-forsaken Land of wasted barren sand -- your desert gift! I would have done like France and set up around 80% of our Nation’s high torque energy needs with nuclear power and used alternative energies for the rest. I would have saved our oil supplies for more useful and recyclable purposes, rather than to turn it into toxic dust!  

I sure would not have filled the purses of a bunch of backwards leaders who spend their money on wasteful human vices and grandiose displays of gluttonous wealth.

If the world leaders have ever had the sense to walk out and have a look in the streets late at night after one of those World Trade Fares, they would have seen what I have seen: so many of your brave businessmen soliciting sex from little boys! If hornking a child's rear-end is your idea of being a man, then why should you wonder if we all look at you all with unfathomable disgust! Look who you have sent as your emissaries!

Nope, I would wait until all you people, Judeo-Christians and Muslims alike have learned to cycle out of your own ignorance and spiritual apathy at your own natural rate of maturation. I would not have interfered so recklessly in the plans of the karma masters!

You don’t know how to laugh. You don’t know how to dance. You don’t know how to Love. You don’t know how to sing. You don’t know how to smile. I see nothing in common with any of you. I would not have bothered with any of you religious nuts!

It takes real courage to stand for what is right instead of bending to the terror and fear of what is wrong. I have little sympathy for cowards! For terror is a reflection of the cowardice heart.

Those who believe in forwarding the notion of intimidation and fear are those who perpetuate its existence because that is the kind of ridiculous and un-evolved thinking that plagues them. They only know to heed the call of terror, not that of love.

Forever bent upon a perpetual cycle of insane fear, you have yet to evolve the courage it takes to tell your God, It is wrong, and to find the courage to stand up against It!

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