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Terrorists are not senseless killers!! [Copy link] 中文

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............ huh?

You mean to say you do not know that America has permanent military bases on Saudi Arabia?

When they were asked to leave Saudi Arabia, they just laughed and said, "You thought we would leave after we established military bases on an oil rich nation?”

Do American women serve in Saudi Arabia?
Yes. Until recently, female soldiers had to wear an abaya (black robe) and head scarf when off their bases, out of deference to Saudi sensibilities. Recently, Lieutenant Colonel Martha McSally, the highest-ranking female fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force, challenged the military on this issue and won. Female soldiers are now "strongly encouraged" to wear the abaya.

Is there disagreement between the U.S. and Saudi governments over whether to continue the U.S. military presence?
Yes. In January, Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich.), the chair of the Senate's Armed Forces Committee, caused a furor by saying that the Saudis were acting "as though somehow or another they're doing us a favor" by letting America station forces in Saudi Arabia. In the Washington Post, a senior Saudi official replied that the United States had "overstayed its welcome."

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anyways... great distractor...

How about speaking of how America causing instability in the Middle East triggers attacks against Americans.

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On the contrary,

the American presence in the Middle East has been a great stabilizing force there. If it were not for them, Saddom's Iraq would have now had the tiny Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia would have come under great danger from him as well.

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I doubt America is a stabilizing force in the Middle East. Look at Iraq now, a country completely harmless after 10 years of sanctions, did not even last more than 3 weeks of war against the American war machine.

Not to mention the supporting of Israel. Israel has been the most negative force in the Middle East for the past 50 years, and it still continues to make trouble.

Not to forget recent turmoil's with Syria and Lebanon. Sure it was the doing by one of their enemies. Why would Syria benefit from destabilizing its own ally?

How about Iran? Iraq was supported by the USA to attack Iran. Your government even supported Sadam on using chemical and biological weapons against Iran forces. Even after Sadam gone you still have an aggressive policy against Iran for no good reason.

Perhaps the reason is, because they are the 2nd largest oil producer in OPEC?

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thanks for the propaganda spin off, granny

Yes, you are right! I hate Americans, not because of their habits, freedom or something else, but I hate them for killing, causing violence and having the audacity to brag about it afterwards.

What makes Americans different than terrorists? You tell me smart ass! They kill for their political purposes just as quickly and brutally as Islamic militants! Actually, aren't most militants causing violence around the globe for the reasons I have given, which yet have to be seriously challenged by any of your kin? By your kin I mean the hawks and war-mongers that call themselves humanitarians.

Yes they are self proclaimed freedom fighters (Islamic militants). Guess what you moron. SO ARE AMERICANS! I do not remember taking a vote on Americans as “freedom fighters of the world.” Did you? Perhaps you did you delusional granny.

What was the Iraq war called again? Oh yeah, "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

Seneca... 2 words for you... hypnotized hypocrite
Hypnotized, because you believe all the propaganda.
Hypocrite... well, you just are one.

Well once you can seriously consider the reasons why terrorists target your kin, then perhaps we can be on the same level, granny.

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I hope it was your final thought Finalthought.

You promise us this with every next thought though.
When your final thought will really be final?
When will you keep your word?

I understand that you won't change your final thought when talking about terrorists in China , would such happening take place.

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good doggy... sit... now quiet... stop chewing my shoe!!!

Look, I never promised you anything.

If I was to take every body's handle serious then I would have to think of you as a dog, wouldn't I.

Anyways, if you possibly can, concentrate on the above subject or go chasing a boner.

Do not try to show off your doggy intelligence by trying to be ironic about my handle wise guy. It is an insult to dogs everywhere.

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