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Terrorists are not senseless killers!! [Copy link] 中文

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In the past they have been called thugs, killers and so on. In fact it is just a name calling game. In the past I have successfully called Americans the same and I have even given some real arguments on why Americans should be called so. Now I am talking about Islamic militants or so called terrorists.

Why I say is that they are not senseless killers is, because there is a reason for their action or so called madness. These reasons are many. In fact the American propaganda machines tries to convince us they have no reason for attacking us and that anyone in the world is a target.

Here are a few of Osama bin Laden's demands and reason for September 11 against the American people.
-Remove all American troops from the muslim most holy land(Saudi Arabia).
-Stop supporting Israel and the killing of Palestinians.

Sure it would be most suitable for the American government to make us believe there are no reasons for terrorists targeting Americans. If we knew the reasons for terrorism we might even re-think our evil doings in the Middle East, especially Israel and Saudi Arabia.

As an example, please take a look at the London case. This is the first major bombing of London since WW2. It only happened after the Iraq war. Why not before the war?

You see... all Islamic militants have some sort of demand. The newest one is, to remove all foreign troops from Iraq.

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Sure, they are.

If someone with a final thought has decidedly come up with some demand to back his terror agenda, we do not say that he is full of sense.

On the contrary,  we'd say that he is the symbol of nonsense.

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You said it yourself!

In other words it is senseless to go chasing ghosts of the past as you imply.

Osama bin Laden still at large complaining that your ass is occupying Saudi Arabia, supporting Israel and now occupying Iraq.

Expect more bombings soon...

Iraq a country which hardly ever witnessed terrorist attacks... Now experiences perhaps 5 - 10 bombings a day.

Who created terrorists out of common Iraqi citizens?

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Who created terrorists out of common Iraqi citizens?

No one can create terrorists but terrorists themselves.
That is to say they create themselves by virtue of their own actions of terror.

It's the same thing as no one can help you but yourself. If you don't help yourself, and cling to whatever thought you currently have as final, no one and nothing can help you, not even a miracle.

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No one can create terrorists but terrorists themselves... (chuckle)

Confucius boy asmanthink... good! So one day a common Iraqi citizen wakes up and it hits him! He has decided he must become a terrorist and suicide bomber? When asked why he tried to kill American soldiers the guy answered, “ I watched a nike add and it said, just do it! What just do it meant I did not know at that point, but after serious thinking I decided it meant to blow myself up without a good reason.”

asmanthink… You are simply brainwashed by the monster you call media.

Perhaps next you will tell me a little fairy came to Iraq, a terrorist fairy, and turned people into terrorists who kill WITHOUT A REASON???

You are fooling yourself... There is a reason for their actions and their actions, which are instigated and not property addressed by your freedom hating and oil sucking nation.

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asmanthink... you can do better than that

You always come up with new excuses and philosophies. Similar to Rumsfeld.


Like the ones I gave you.

Reasons for Islamic terrorism around the globe.
Occupation of Saudi Arabia by America.
War in Iraq by America and chronies.
Support for Israel.
There is more, but at least these ones are the main ones.

If you can rebuke me on my argument than I will forever hold my peace. Beware... do not change subject, as people might think you are unable to rebut these arguments.

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your argument?

I do not want you to forever hold your peace, but you might like to think in the right way so that you could have a chance of hitting at the right thought before you are already convinced to have come to your final thought.

So, what's your argument of "Occupation of Saudi Arabia by America"?
i don't see Saudi Arabia a country under Occupation.

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