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Is the Chinese army the worst in the World? [Copy link] 中文

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Elephants dont have sharp tooth nor claws but its is so big that no other animal dare attack them.

What is true in the animal world does not seems to be true in the human world. How a country like China with so many people has always been defeated by other nations?

In the XVIIIth century, a few ship and guns were enought for englishmen to defeat China. More recently, Japan whose population is 10 times less than China invaded China during WWII and comitted the crimes we all know.

So what is the problem with the Chinese army?

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they seem to accept anybody with a pulse

judging by the state of some of the chinese 'soldiers' i've seen

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answer: crap technology dude their weapon sucked like shyt

its diferent now of course so dont u dare consider trying to bully it again its not as weak as u think anymore mwhahahahahahahahahahahah actually its weak its very crap its army navy airforce sux like shyt pls underestimate it oops i let the secret out

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US army invades places but at what cost?

they cut benefits for veterans and even tried to cut soldier's combat pay.  they have gps but no armor! they have to go to baghdad junk yard.  no kevlar and plenty of enemies.  US has good generals that are safe in washington. Curious George is sending them out without thinking things over.

[note: curious george is character from american childrens book about namesake monkey that gets in messes - identified with prez bush]

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What a load of crap you just spelled!

You are really a fool!
The modern Chinese army only exists after WWII. And they won all the wars they were in. They beat the crap out of American and Vietnamese army during the last part of 20th century.
As for the lost before the new China, Did your history teacher ever told you never use today to analyze yesterday? In fact, Chinese communist army is the only army in the world that can stand up again US right now.
Go bang your brain against the wall; it's really a waste on you!

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my answer in context ...

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US army invades places but at what cost?

At NO cost to the US people.  I see the Americans are still filthy rich.  Some even bragged that the Americans were the biggest donors to charity in the world – more generous than the world added together.

I have no idea how the Bush administration treated their veteran soldiers though, but I don’t think it should be that bad as they had mistreated any Iraqi citizen.

For the curious mind:


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China weak?

If china is so weak why she is so big! and how could she expanded and maintain her empire longer than all the empire that come and goes on this planet.

Roman what the strongest empire in the western world but where is the roman today. No more and what happen.

Mongol Empire was the biggest empire in the human history but look at Molgolia today what happen to them?.

The British Empire was most powerful before the world war 2 and then what happen to England to day and look at how weak they are, The only way they can survie is to kiss the American fat ass.

Soviet Empire is the most powerful empire in the 20 century after 70 years is cease to exist in 1991.

US Empire is less than 300 years soon she will cease to exist before this century out.

China rise and fall over 5000 years but she still maintain her status. Unlike others empire, because China fall down she can get up and fight again and continuing.................

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