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Are Americans any different from terrorists? [Copy link] 中文

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I have suspected that you are a man without a vision. It turns out to be true.
From the way you freely take to task imperialism and imperialists, I know your makings are fundamentally flawed.

You might imagine a world that never existed an imperialist, that's not called a vision, that's a utopia which is utterly undesirable, see what happened in China in the sixties and seventies when the whole country was chanting slogans of anti-imperialism, and could do nothing else about a workable alternative. That's why I said it's not desirable to live in a world without an imperialist or its idea. You would either starve or strive for nothing.

There was never a country that was not imperialistic ever since the day the idea of country was formed.

The most traditional imperialist is China with its superior culture of Confucianism in the far east, but ended with the pathetic fall of Qin dynasty; imperialist Britain ended with the transfer of sovereignty of Hongkong to china, perhaps long before that, correct me if I am wrong; imperial France ended with the independence of Sudan; imperial Soviet Union ended with the cold war…

Imperial America began with the independence of the republic and after it had accumulated enough contiguous landmass, it came to a halt. But it had accumulated in a very short time almost the same landmass as china had done in its entire history.

Modern American "imperialism" as you would prefer to call it, is nothing like or very unlike it's historic imperialism. It's not about accumulating landmasses, it's about disseminate ideas that's thought progressive compared to the old cultures of the world.

But I do not want to give you a lesson about the good of imperialism and ask you to chant it after the class is over. It all depends how you take it.

Class over.

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I have a vision... it is not an American vision of murder... sorry

Should you not ask first if people want your ideas? You spread them through force not peace! So that is why under definition I call you a terrorist, an Imperialist terrorist with baby killing, oil grabbing, women raping, children mutilating and democracy forcing ideals.

Superior ideas are copied or adapted not forced on others

In your country you preach that everyone has a voice that everyone is free to do what they like, that you value individuality, but when it comes to the rest of the world. You want to force them to be "copy versions" of American society. What you preach and what you do contradicts

Yes I have a vision, whatever my vision is; it does not include the slaughter of hundreds of thousands to get my point or idea across.


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Guys, guys..i think you are all getting the picture....congratulations!!!!

...yes, yes..always look for the CHANTING!

iT MEANS some tribe, some class or some ideological group is praying to a NEW GOD! Americans has been praying to the GODDESS OF FREEDOM and GOD OF THE DEMOCRATIC TWIN TOWERS for so long....

This is the BASIS for their IMPERIALISM.

Both God and Goddess are good but over chanting results in MADNESS or my favorite term - producing NUTS..

You can see that in our American team, they did not understand that FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY are different concepts or labels.

So has the MOSLEM fundalmentalist - THEY went into CHANTING OVERDRIVE and thought like Americans that they cannot be WRONG OR EVIL and start to bring EVIL to the world!

At least now we have the BRITISH CLUBS to be the POLICE at the GATEWAYS....we can keep some SANITY!!!!!

I am happy, when i see the same terms like "chants", "NUTS", etc. etc.

Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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You claim to have a vision, but from all your talk, you only see what the harm is done, not the good done or would be done by your so-called imperialists.

If you call that a vision, it's a vision of the understratum or the bottom vision. Keep it if you so cherish. I have nothing against it. You wouldn't be able, for instance, to use it to reinstate Mr. Saddam on power. History do rewind backward, sometimes dramatically, but the chances of Saddam ever laying his hand on power is very minimum.

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asmanthink... your argument is without a point

Stop talking about visions and dreams. You need to stop excusing your wicked nation for what they truly are. That is, they are the vilest of terrorists on this planet.

Even al Qaeda can learn a thing or two from your kind. Your terrorist and Imperialist kind has only one thing on their rotten little mind, which is to kill for profit.

Perhaps terror is your tool but Imperialism is your game.

My vision is to get rid of your kind of terrorists. You vile baby murdering terrorists, disgusting oil grabbing fanatics which know no one else’s pain except their own.

Some day when you breathe your last breath you will wake up to find you are in the same hell as bin Laden.

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There is a difference between the Imperialist and the terrorist!!!

You guys should know "deep in your hearts" that there is a difference in the above two terms....

IMPERIALIST - Rich empire pyramid builders seeking to maintain hegemony.

TERRORIST - Poor lead by Elite leader believing in the Cubic Monolith seeking to break the hegemony of the Pyramid owner.

Both use the same methods - Chanting of their "beloved gods", Chanting to make their followers "robotic" and use hard or soft weapons to bring down or manipulate tribes, nations or classes to achieve their aims...

How to solve the problem?

Mmmmmm we let you "figure out" this game

Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.
British Club

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quit arguing and concentrate on tthe fact that china will be nuked by usa soon


lucky im in australia but still pls show mercy i dun wanna die

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