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Are Americans any different from terrorists? [Copy link] 中文

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********Stop talking about visions and dreams. You need to stop excusing your wicked nation for what they truly are. That is, they are the vilest of terrorists on this planet.

Man must have a vision, or you would fall into your own trap of stagnation.

there will be no building of a better world, and you would be like a dumb ass who never complain of his sore bruised backs from heavy loads, because he had never been seen anything better.

however content you may be with your dumb ass attitude, there may be someone somewhere who want to help you. Give you a better chance of a good education so that you may know how to complain and make improvement on your own.

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Ditto! Plus a little addtion...

*hehehe* I like that explanation. I will only add that if you read history books of the last 60 years or so, since the end of world war II, you will notice that the USA is the only invading country in the world.
Korea, Vietnam, Iraq. . . just to list the ones of significance.

Now let's take it back before World war II... During true imperialism and colonialism in China... America was not an occupying force... where did all this hate for China come from? And why all this fuss over Taiwan? Could it be that US Government just does not like to see a government bigger than its own? But why does it have to be a threat?

I guess like most governments, they're still after the same tired old thing of God, Glory, Gold... or is that Gold, Glory, God? ... my two cents.


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blood and bones to become peace and freedom

There is nothing wrong if you have those 2 (visions and dreams). The only problem is that you are willing to walk over dead bodies to achieve yours.

A dream of spreading Americanism around the world for some gain...
Nothing in this world is for free except death. Even you accept America in your own backyard, you will be forced to pay them back in interest.

My vision... you speak of it so much. Do you even know it? I have never truly and sincerely discussed it with you ever, and never have I had a need to discuss it with you. However, what ever my vision is, it will never ever be something to have to do with getting rich at the expenses of others life.

Stop patting yourself on your fat American back. We all know your true goal. It is not to make world peace or feed children. It is simply to have a global hegemony.

Your vision probably is... an everyday American's vision of Imperialism and terrorism around the globe.

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American orgasms...

You march around the globe with a gun in one hand and a bible in the other. You scream FREEDOM during your orgasm with an Iraqi detainee. You give out flags and bibles to children as if they were pokemon.

When you go home from a hard days killing you get in your extra size chair, which perfectly fits your extra size ass, and you start patting yourself on your back for all the freedom you spread throughout the world.

You start to remember your noble deeds in Vietnam and Korea. How you fire bombed villages and children. How you raped women. Now you feel good and your ego feels better, your penis starts to erect. You light up a cigar and fall asleep... Next morning you go back to your killing fields.

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examples of American propaganda and cowardice

I have brought up some nice points and examples why we can politically correct call Americans the term Imperial terrorists.

Just use some educated arguments and points and prove you are not terrorists.

As you know half the world calls you terrorists now, well, perhaps you just plug your ears and shout," lalalalalala".

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the finalthought on this issue

American's need to wake up, realize they are brainwashed and have no idea about the world that surrounds them.

They quickly call anything "terrorism" even though they do not know why they do so.

Worst of all they do not even know that they can also be classified as terrorists and imperialists.

Change is needed.

Respect others!

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'Thought' less

"what ever my vision is, it will never ever be something to have to do with getting rich at the expenses of others life."

Are you talking about CHINA today? What happened to communism in China? You know,
"One for all and all for one". What happened to sharing the wealth?

Speak up about China Thoughtless and tell us.

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