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Are Americans any different from terrorists? [Copy link] 中文

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I have something to add...

America is a nation that has achieved a degree of rationalization of power.

Terror is the insanity of a weakling wherever it occurs.

So, don't get confused in your precious final thought.

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Terrorism does not mean insanity. Terrorism does not mean chopping heads off. Terrorism is a tactic to achieve some kind of goal!

Terrorism means when someone bullies or forces others to accept their beliefs and values through (a threat of) actual violence. You can correct me if I am wrong, but America and other fellow terrorists have being doing this for decades.

Again I hope you terrorist bastards burn in hell. I don't mean all Americans, just the bastards who support this policy of terror.

Assmanthink, please re-think what you said and look up the word "terrorism" in a dictionary first. Thanks

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hehe, interesting!

You have my support, finalthought.

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finalthought, the ball is on your side...

The definition of terrorism is what you have given, and I do not need to look into a dictionary to know it is correct.
But I hasten to add it's just technically correct.
Terror, like the London bombings, is the result of the excruciating weakness of insanity, for whatever ends.

Man is not a machine, technical accuracy can also lead to error or even disaster in a political world, if he does not conjure up a vision that's largely truthful and fair.

What I want you to do is that you should try to think with a vision, like some of the American politicians do; and not think like a machine, like some other American politicians do, taking whatever you read in a dictionary not as a prelude but as a last touch to your final thought.

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Difference between terrorism and war...

finalthought:  I am happy to clear up the confusion that you and others who responded to you seem have.

War is conducted between two nations over scarce resources or differing political/ideological agendas.  Innocent people die, as in all conflicts, but they are often near a known military target or area where military action is occurring.  Wars can be ended when one side concedes defeat, and an agreement on terms is reached by both sides.  Many past western wars, and even the Chinese revolution, fall under this category.

Terrorism involves a small group of cowards who wish to 'terrorize' a people by intentionally targeting innocent civilians.  The goal is usually to drive one group out of an area, or, more radically, the complete destruction of  a particular system/culture.  The mindset of this group is that there is no compromise and they are justified to use any means to achieve their goal.  Attempting to intimidate another nation/people by threats of invasion/war comes close to qualifying as terrorism.

The majority of the worlds industrialized nations have not and will not use terrorism to achieve a goal.  You may disagree with their goals, but you cannot equate these two methods.

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America's politicians and their visions...

We can see their visions in their actions. So far their actions have been anything but positive. Rather they are imperialist actions, fueled by imperialist visions. Terrorism is just a tool they use to get what they want.

noun [U]
1 a system in which a country rules other countries, sometimes having used force to obtain power over them:

You can rule a country by a puppet democratic government or by force.

However, you already know the definition for terrorists. This is why I call people supporting such policies Imperial terrorists.

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terrorism and war

So you promote war but undermine terrorism? Where does the madness for you start and stop?

You mean to say American Imperialists can wage war freely because war is allowed, but when what they do is called terrorism you will object?

You mean to say America does not have a past of terrorizing and undermining weaker nations? You mean to say that when we say terrorist you say, "minority'?

Fine if Americans are not terrorists then they are oil grabbing, baby killing, children mutilating, women raping Imperialists! Well what are they now?

Terrorism is a privilege which monsters can use to force people into abiding them. Al Qaeda has their motives for using this tool and so does America.

They both want to achieve some kind of political, spiritual or ideological goal through violent means. Terrorism in not just a threat but it is also the actual VIOLENCE those 2 violent groups are willing to use!

Let the rest of the Imperialist terrorists burn in hell!

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