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Who can help me?give me your advice..please...please.. [Copy link] 中文

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lets be realistic

normal people do not fall in love over the internet in a few days. don't let yourself be flattered because at best he's just desperate and lonely but at worst he may be crazy.

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he told me a lot of things

He was 32years old and still singel. That's the first thing he told me.He sent a message to me through Mojodate(a website for making frends and seeking love),cos we are members in it. I can see some of his profile,his age his pics,his location and so on.Then he sent some pics of him to me and told me his poor family.he don't know who is his dad and his mum passed away...he said he's getting older and wanted to settle down.
Of course it's hard to beleive people can fall in love with sb so easily,and sometimes i try to find the answer.If this is not true,why did he do this....what does he want ?only for playing ?or one night stand?or sth else?

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carriesweety, be cool down pls

1) after reading his loving letter/email...i feel that he is not trustful. Can you believe in a man telling so many sweet candy thing to you? Do you want to marry a guy who sounds like an actor in fairy tale?.....using our women's witty to think of it pls....he doesn't sound mean something for real.

2)you registered in a friends making websites...that means you are's nothing wrong to look for mates from interent but  meanwhile they all know you want to find one who is speical and someone will use this to hurt you or take advantage of you....pls do remember there are some bad people in this world...although we don't want to hurt anyone, someone just come up to hurt you if you are not cautious enough.

3)He doesn't sounds like an english guy....i can't say I know english people a lot but at least I personally do believe it's not written by an english nor scottish, nor irish nor welsh normal guy's hand.........there are a lot of paki living in UK...just be more careful!

4)carriesweety...if you wanna listen to another girl's opinion, i want to say i suggest you find a boy living in your region...long distance relationship is not countable...even if he come to meet you in person..u still can't be able to know his things in chat with him online right? you can talk to him via mic and then you can know if he is british; aslo try to give him a hard time and see how his reaction....just test more...don't get to confuse yourself.

5)btw, what do you like into him? his looking? his citizenship? his sweet almost sticky words? haha

good luck!

wa ha ha, wa ha ha

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well,,i don't know much about it,,,i fell in love with an amercan  girl on net before,,,but at last she died...well,,it's so painful
i think no one can help u now,,just do what u want,,
always believe there is true love in the world,,even on net,,
so even we will end up with death,,,,,,,just  do it...cause that's the only thing we can not say sorry for our life

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It is a game.

It could be fun. But please wear "raincoat" no matter what.
As for true love and marriage? Give me a break!

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Give yrself more time to find out Carriesweet

Only after a few days!!! One email!!!
Sweet words,what else to offer???

Find out more for yrself.Good that you said NO phone numbers.
Bring friends along!!! Find out the truth!!!

It takes about 6 months or more to get to know a person well.
Really well takes even longer time.
So take yr time to find out besides the excitement!!!

Kind regards

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Have to agree with swiftlyfe

He's just some Western guy who wants to get laid by some naive (and probably desperate) chinese girl.

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