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My Chinese Girlfriend !! [Copy link] 中文

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I live in the UK and want to marry my Chinese girlfriend who lives in Nanning but trying to understand the red tape is driving me crazy. Can anyone simplify it for me?

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Come to China

If you are really serious, come to China and marry her. Its simple, you just need to register at the marriage bureau and then you are married. Bring your passport, an affidavit that you are single, and you should not have any problems.

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Not quite that simple

I am from the UK and married a woman from Nanning last year.  I now live and teach in Nanning.

I agree with you that getting information about the formalities is extremely difficult because few Chinese, including many of the so called translators operating here, know how to explain the rules in English.

I can tell you what I did and as far as I know the rules have not changed since.

First you need a visa.  This is usually a 90 day tourist visa.  You can download the application form from the web site of the Chinese embassy in London.  But you have to go to the embassy in Portland Place in person to get the visa.  They will not deal with the UK postal system at all.  Expect a long queue.  Usually you hand over your documents and collect the visa a day or two later.  If you live a long way from London there is a same day service but this is expensive.

You can get a tourist visa extended once you get to China.  A one month extension is easy to get.  After that it gets difficult.  

Don't get your visa too far in advance as it is valid from the date of issue not the date of arrival in China.  You will usually need to show your return airline ticket to get a tourist visa.  Don't worry about booking your plane ticket before you have your visa.  The process is tedious but refusals are very rare.  Don't try to fly in via Hong Kong as you will need a seperate visa for this and have to clear customs twice.  It is best to come via Beijing.  There are several connecting flights each day and tickets can be bought over the internet through China Southern Airlines web site.

To get married you will need your passport and a sworn affidavit.  There is guidance about this on the Chinese Embassy in London's website.  You will need to have this drawn up by a notary authorised to do international business and not your average solicitor.  These can be found in the yellow pages.  You will need to prove your name, address in the UK, age, nationality and occupation. If you have been married before you will also need your UK divorce decree absolute.  You will need to get the affidavit and divorce papers notarised firstly by the British Foreign office.  This has to be done in person in London and costs £12 per document.  Then you will have to get them notarised again by the Chinese Embassy.  This takes several days and there is another fee.  You can reckon on at least £200 for paperwork plus travel costs.

When you get to Nanning you need to get a temporary residence permit at your girlfriends address from the local police.  Then you need to get a public health certificate which involves a medical examination and costs about 300RMB.  Take these papers plus your passport and notarised documents to the Public Security Bureau which is on the outskirts of Nanning.  You don't need an appointment but unlike most places in Nanning it is only open Monday to Friday.

Your girlfriend will need to take her Chinese ID card, household residence permit and, if she has been married before, her divorce papers.  You will also need photos of you together which they take at the Public Security Bureau.

If your paperwork is in order it is a formality.  You will be married, registered on a computer and each given a red marriage certificate.

You feel like you have completed your tax return and you will not feel loving or married.

Many Chinese women resent this and expect a ceremony with wedding dress, photographers, bridal car covered with flowers and a big dinner in a hotel for family and friends which they count as their real wedding.  These ceremonies are expensive and many couples save up for months after their bureaucratic wedding in order to put on a good show.

The date is also determined by Feng Shui which is a kind of Chinese Astrology which determines when is your lucky day to get married.  For some reason this doesn't apply to the bureaucratic legal wedding but only to the ceremony.

Good luck mate.  Life in Nanning is worth the hassle.

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It's not that difficult

You need a single-status certificate notarised by the appropriate British authority (in Australia this is the Department of Foreign Affairs) and stamped by the Chinese consulate. If the single-status certificate says you were previously married, you'll also need the divorce certificate likewise notarised, but not otherwise if you are able (or willing) to say you were never previously married.
You will also need a visa of some sort to enter China.  Marriage is a simple procedure that takes a few hours, and a few days later you will collect the certificate.  Go to the PSB where you live and apply for a one-year multi-entry 365-day stay L family visa on the basis you are married to a Chinese.
Consulates don't allow applications by post, but often they will send them back by post if you pay the postage.

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omg why is this guys post exactly similar to this other guy called aqua somethin

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You can get over it soonly !

The so-called red tape needn't be completely followed nowadays in China . As development is flourishing , countries throghout the world are being tied closer and closer . As we discern,some Chinese traditional customs and culture are being weakened , even disappeared . So don't worry about the details .

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Hi , My name is Gray and I very new to this.
I live in the UK and wish to marry my Chinese girlfriend but as I receive Disability Benefits at present is this classed as "resource to public funds"?
If I went to China and got married then came home and found a suitable job, would I then be able to send for her ?
Or is there any other way of just getting married in China and being together in the UK.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


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