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Is that the best you can do al-Qaeda? [Copy link] 中文

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How can any self-proclaimed freedom fighters, either Al Qaeda or Washington, kil


Washington:  by accident, or unwittingly by being a target themselves

Al Qaeda:  Through careful planning and proximity to civilian populated area, i.e. bus routes or shopping malls.

Have a good day.

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I couldn't care less if these people have political objectives. Regardless of how people regard the war in Iraq, Bush & Blair did not set out to murder civilians. The terrorists in London did. As Ken Livingstone said:

"This was not a terrorist attack against the mighty and the powerful. It was not aimed at Presidents or Prime Ministers. It was aimed at ordinary, working-class Londoners, black and white, Muslim and Christian, Hindu and Jew, young and old. It was an indiscriminate attempt to slaughter, irrespective of any considerations for age, for class, for religion, or whatever."

These monsters weren't targetting Bush & Blair at the G8 summit. They were trying to cause chaos and destruction to the most vulnerable part of Britain - the general public.

Also, let's wait until we find out what nationality these people were. Because we might be "surprised" to find out that these aren't Iraqis. It's a fact that many of the fighters in Iraq are not Iraqi. These are the people who wanted to disrupt the elections because it was helping to build the kind of state they don't like - democratic and religiously tolerant.

Their war isn't about Iraq - it's about imposing their beliefs on others. Sure America et al are a large target, but only because they're seen to be their enemies. If they turned into Muslim theocracies overnight and tried to impose a strict Muslim regime on Iraq, these terrorists would help them do it.

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I too think it was a poor job by al qaeda....

What genius does it take to kill women and children? Even Sadame would be ashamed of this act.

It shows how desperate they are. You could not take on military targets but targets of the innocent.

What is next al qaeda.....a nursery school or a hospital?

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brobostigon: Meaningless difference

First off, I'm not condoning the violence in any circumstance regardless of who are the victims.  But your attempts to draw meaningless differences and selectively defend indefensible acts of violence, is pure hypocrisy.   

The problem with people like you is that you can only see things from your own little perspective.  Ask the surviving family members in London, in Iraq, in Vietnam, in Korea, etc. does it really make all that much difference whether their innocent loved ones died by careful planning, or by accidental collateral damage?  It sounds more like your guilty conscience trying to draw meaningless differences so you can feel better about selectively defending the indefensible.  

Where was the outrage when Shock and Awe kill many thousands of innocent people?  Until people like you and the ultimate hypocrite, Iluv2fish, can collectively abhor the violence against any people, instead of just selectively abhor the violence hypocritically, you have no credibility to talk, since your duplicity drowns out your fading moral authority.

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Whatever crimes, real or imagined, committed by coalition forces in Iraq cannot justify the calculated killing of ordinary Londoners. Murder is abhorrent by any definition. To insinuate that the commuters in London somehow deserved to be blown up is sickening.

"What is next al Qaeda.....a nursery school or a hospital?"

   --I wouldn't put it pass them.

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Mr. Fish - i wonder whether it was Al Qaeda?

If you look at it, the Moslem world has 4 forces splitting it; these are

(1) The Royal-Military Princes faction
(2) The Military Elite/Junta faction
(3) The Secular Moslem bureacrat-capitalist faction.
(4) The Cleric-Soldier faction. - revolutionary

You can recognize this four forces in the Islamic world. The Moslems, as usual will "deny" existance of these four Irreconcilable forces. But basically the battle between these 4 groups is quite intense....

(1) The Royal-Military Princes nations includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Brunei, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Morrocco, Algeria nations. This nations nominally favours British alliance, since they could "RELATE" to the BRITISH Monarchy.

(2) The Military elite/junta faction are similar to the FASCIST groups of Europe. This group is NOT DANGEROUS since they do not know how to develop their economies.

This includes Indonesia, Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Eygpt. This countries are mostly populous and poor. Their leaders have no idea of economic and are mostly unimportant.

(3) The third group, the Secular Moslem-Capitalist are the most similar to the Abissiya Moslem, the most successful in Moslem History. This group practise Science, technology, do not discrimate according to race, share their nation's wealth, allow immigration of foreign nationals including non-muslims, allow "modern" business.

These nation include Malaysia, Turkey and has been recognized as the most dynamic region of the world. However, due to their "Liberal attitudes", they are always on the defensive against the "Extremist Chanting Moslems".

(4) The Cleric-soldier factions - This is the most energetic group as it is controlled by "the Elites of the Poor Masses" and imitate the "Great Battles" of the Great Prophet Mohd - the defender of the poor and dispossed.

The countries in this group includes Iran, Afganistan and is the sourced of the current unrest. (notwithstanding the Persians already have lost in fervour but it appears American Predators are taking advantage of the "energy" to their own advantage - please note this Mr. Fish - It is similar to the "Born Again Christians fundalmentalist crap!"

Mr. Fish, Al Qaeda comes from this fourth group!!!!! and it seems to be American created since its leader comes from the BIN LADEN family as its most FANATIC comes from Saudi Arabia....

It is FREEDOM FIGHTER AGAINST BRITISH AND AMERICAN - protectorate status of Saudi other words...FREEDOM FIGHTERS!!!!!


Be sure what we are talking about and not be TRICKED by the JEWISH COHENS.....i just read another trick by another Cohen in the Guardian ONLINE>

fm. Gd.

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One of the groups claiming responsibility...

Said they did it because England is a Zionist state.
Wouldn't it be ironic if christopher was one of the victims...

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