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Is that the best you can do al-Qaeda? [Copy link] 中文

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Four years after 911, four years of  threats and near misses and all you can do is murder a few dozen and injure hundreds more?  Helpless innocents killed in a cowardly attack.  Since 911 our forces have killed hundreds, if not thousands, of your soldiers.  Our allies have killed even more.  This is war of a different kind, but it's still war, and we're very good at it.  You'd like to kill all of us, but you can't because you're getting weaker. You're losing.  We won't backdown, we'll redouble our efforts.

In the end we'll have our green and pleasant land and you'll have your forty virgins.

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You opium-selling, bomb-dropping subjects of Royal Fanny

Look into the mirror, you fat piece of constipated crap,  you crusading brits are exactly the same kind as bin laden & associates, the only diff is you are cowards !!!

At least bin laden is not afraid to die for his cause.

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Die screaming xiaolifeidao.

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Ok you have defeated al Qashdah. Whatever they are called... Good Job! Please go back where you came from. Oh that's right you do not want to go back to that green land of yours. You like that dry oily land of theirs more don't you.

What other excuses you have to be able to wage war for this oil grabbing nations of you? Perhaps teaching Muslims democracy? It used to be WMD... then it used to be links to al Qagagsgad and now it is for democracy?

The same way your respective nations used to teach Christianity in Africa? In one hand a bible and the other a club? Perhaps the way you taught American-Indians and Australian Aboriginals civilization.

Anyways I wish you good luck on this new crusade and careful as you ride out, you might fall of that mighty horse and end up hitting your head on that green land of yours.

I am sorry if I can not type al-Qajash correctly, but you know that President Dubya also can not pronounce it well. We are kind of even on this point.

Don't forget... you can never defeat an enemy who breeds of hate, as your own nation is an incubator of hate... fool.

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Innocent people are dead

But the sad gits on this forum are only interested in recriminations.

I wonder if you'll feel the same way when one of your family members is hurt or killed by a terrorist. Perhaps it would do you good to experience what hundreds of families are going through right now in Britain.

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It was an efficient job

4 bombings on the same day with catastrophic damages, injuries and fatalities is indicative of a well organized job.

The execution of this event is dwarfed only by Washington. Washington can drop one napalm with the same result, and also drop thousands on the same day (just like it did in Vietnam).

However, comparison of skills of murder is beside the point. The real question is morality. How can any self-proclaimed freedom fighters, either Al Qaeda or Washington, kill innocent people?

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You know what? You are my hero for today! The calculations you did are absolutely brilliant.

In other words, 50 dead equal to "hundreds" of families going through a tough time. How about 100 thousand dead? How many families will go through tough times then? Do the maths my child.

What is a terrorist? Her I give you a definition straight from the dictionary.
terrorism   [Show phonetics]
noun [U]
(threats of) violent action for political purposes:

So Dubya and Blair Witch could also be defined as terrorists? Anyone on their bandwagons is a fellow terrorist? Yes?

“The terrorist nation of Brits was terrorized by terrorists from some where else.” Perhaps al Qasdpaj did it, but they already are defeated. Anyways, so it was said by the author of this thread.

Hey don't get angry at me now. You started the name calling!

Don't hate the player! Just hate the game!

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