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London bombing. [Copy link] 中文

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FYI, brobostigon is a zionist

I have dealt with this zionist many times before. His real interest here is Israeli interest and American rightwinger interest.

He even downplayed Japanese atrocities to gurad his exclusive Jewish "Holocaust" status on my Iris Chang thread. He never had the guts to start a NEW thread to talk about his holocaust as he knew there would be many in this forum waiting for him.

What he said is nothing new but a zionist propaganda with a real hidden motivation.

The real shame goes to  zionist brobostigon.

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why terrorism?

because they have no other ways to stop western domination duh

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my previous answer to you is gone. Just for the sake of speach freedom rights:
>>>If a terrorist act is defined by the planned and deliberate targeting of defenseless men, women, and children, then the biggest terrorist acts in the entire human history are the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. <<<

You are basically right in this point. I would make it more precise and change it to " The biggest single terorist acts."
The target were civilians, the means was nuclear terror, the main objective was to cut loses on the aliance side and get the first title of nuclear power for the USA.


You also agree with the necessity of using nukes for this was the lesser evil than what might have happened without such terorist act. In this circumstances the terrorist act sems to be justifyable and proper. I will add that I strongly believe, victims of Hiroshia and Nagasaki payed their lives for something we do not see, for it has not happened.
The third , nuclear world war.Without H and N there would not be enough fear and sane opposition in the world.
Another act of terror happened on one square teen years ago. Civilians were the target,   

What is then the parameter of the relativism of good/bad in the relation to acts of terror? The forecast of the future?

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Terrorist acts are still terrorist acts even in a war.

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this liang1 chick is a bozo

who posts long repeat essays and spamming everything

and is cute or something (according to members from the skyscraper forum)

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Great debate by Liang1a

Well, I enjoy reading his postings.

This is the type of poster we need. And we need more posters like him.

Keep it up mate.

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Still no excuse

The circumstances behind Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 are quite different than 2005 and are complex enough to fill a book or two.  Whether or not Hiroshima and Nagasaki fits today’s definition of terrorism might be an interesting question, but it is irrelevant to this thread and it is an overly simplistic and dishonest attempt to provide justification for the heinous acts of terrorism that plagues everyone today.

What is further dishonest is the labeling a terrorist act an act of “freedom fighters” who are responding to injustice in the Iraq war.  Terrorism is fueled by extremism; views so far skewed by emotion and fundamentalist belief to erase their humanity and transform them into monsters.

Intentional or not, the Iraq invasion managed to draw the extremists into the theatre.  According to the recent London bombing evidence, the terrorists are not the disenfranchised victims from the war torn cities and fields or Iraq, but young and not-so-bright spoiled idealists spurned on by hatred and simplistic fundamentalist rantings.

Terrorists, blinded by rage and extremism, rarely realize the true abhorrence their acts evoke.  Witness the disgust we all have at the latest act from the terrorists in Iraq.  

True freedom fighters would never want to be associated with the type of terrorists who purposely parked and detonated their bomb-laden car next to children accepting candy from American troops. Freedom fighters do not purposely target civilians.

Liang1a: “And once they have left the terrorist acts will end”

I am shocked by how naïve that is.  Terrorism is not caused by oppression but by extremism.  To blame terrorist acts on a root cause of war or oppression betrays a childlike depravity of wisdom or more likely a continuance of dishonesty and deception.  

Terrorist acts occurred well before the Iraq invasion and will continue well after, regardless of the outcome.

Have a good day.

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