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London bombing. [Copy link] 中文

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Mr. Liang - I think Iraq is not enough, the Cleric-Soldier revolutionaries wants

...the British-American predators out of Saudi Arabia and the GCC states. The terrorism, I predict will continue until the GCC states are converted to Cleric-Soldier faction states, or turn into Secular-Capitalist states..

It is not that easy!

But at least there will be the end of "Terrorism against Britain and European Union".

At least the Indians, Pakistani, Greater ASEAN, AFrica, Latin America and European Unioin favours a FREE CRUDE OIL MARKET in GCC-Persian Gulf states...

If Americans and British withdraws, then the Chinese, French, Russian, German, English, Malaysian, South African oil companies will move in to manipulate for supplies!!!!!

And that's probably what the CLERIC-SOLDIERS wants...control of their own destiny!!!


fm. Gd.

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America and UK should pull out their military from the Mid-East.

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"For whom the bell tolls."

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Birmingham, Guilford and more recently Omagh - no warnings!!

I reallise that the IRA were not behind the London attrocities but to say they always gave warnings was erroneous.

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No excuse for terrorism.

The cowardly act of purposefully targeting innocent civilians for the purpose of instilling terror cannot be defended by any rational thought.  There is no excuse.

Trying to compare a terrorist act with a war, or Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a perfidious excuse expounded by those blinded by their own political objectives.

There is a stark difference between terrorists and freedom-fighters.  

Nobody wants or likes war, but the purposeful bombing of innocent civilians crosses the line to murder.  

We are dealing with extremists who believe they are right and the world is infested with demons/satans/running dogs/imperialists/ {insert derogatory term here}.  Their only aim is to catapult us back to the medieval world that we are still attempting to escape.  Logic and reason have no place in their world.

The terrorists have lost their humanity and have forfeited any legitimate cause they may have.  Compassion is considered a weakness in their world. They are actually bolstering the cause for those who they are allegedly fighting against.

Imagine if those young energetic ideological bomb-planters garnered an ounce of courage and actually did something constructive, like challenging the recalcitrant ultra-conservative authority figures that fed them with hate?

Stop trying to find excuses for the murderers and realize the real problem: extremism of any kind.  It doesn’t matter if it is religion, or some other “ism”.  Extremism is thinking along terms of us vs. them, black and white, etc.

Nothing is ever as simple as black and white.  Ridding the world of extremism may well be the first step in ridding the world of war.

Blaming terrorism on some recent war/conflict/occupation is dishonest.

If someone manages to stop these extremists (I am not talking about “Dubya”), then I’ll happily read quotes from Hemingway, and maybe even sing a line or two of Kumbaya.

Have a good day.

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brobostigon: Fake outrage to obscure the real root causes for Terrorism

Why do I call your outrage fake, because it is selective, depending on who are the victims, and who are the perpetrators?  Is there anything that is honest and genuine about you and your views?

No person is trying to make excuses for terrorism.  But your lame distinction of death by careful planning, and death by accidental collateral damage, offers little solace to the surviving family members of the innocently dead.  It’s sad that you cannot see beyond your own perspective, and use this fake rage to obscure the real reasons US and its allies are facing terrorism up close and personal.   

Terrorism is nothing new in human history.  It was and is a tool used by the repressed, oppressed, and those who don’t have the power to change things, to get the attention of those doing the repressing, oppressing, and those who are in power to make changes and address inequities and grievances.

Therefore, the real issue, if you have the courage to deal with it honestly, instead of your unproductive fake selective rage, is finding out the root causes for this hatred which gave life to 9/11, the London bombings, and other terrorist acts.  When bin Laden was interviewed, he listed those grievances.  I don’t remember every single grievance, but from what I recalled in that interview, bin Laden wanted the Israel Palestine issue fairly addressed, wanted the infidels out of the Holy Lands, wanted US to stop supporting the repressive monarchies like Saudi Arabia, wanted US to not put their military bases in the Holy Land, wanted US to stop meddling in their countries, wanted US to stop exporting their culture which some Muslims feel is offensive to their religion, wanted US to stop exploiting the natural resources of the region, and wanted allies of the US to do likewise.  I’m sure I’m missing some other issues, but those were the first issues I could recall.  

Understanding the root causes that foster terrorism is the first step.  We can either deal with terrorism at the root by addressing grievances fairly, or we can pretend that we are dealing with terrorism by addressing the symptoms of terrorism, and be forever reacting to terrorist acts, after the fact.  One choice is proactive, and the other is reactive.  Finding the courage, and the honesty to deal with the root causes, required introspection, and a real examination of our foreign policies and what caused so much hatred where terrorism was the only tool terrorists felt they had left to use.  When people are driven to the point where they feel they don’t have a better option than terrorism, one has to ask why?  

Addressing the root causes of terrorism also mitigates the rage, the passion, and the hatred behind the fertile recruiting by bin Laden and his ilk.  When you cannot recruit enough passionate people to join your cause, the movement dies.  

It’s too easy to dismiss the terrorists as inhumane, lacking compassion, etc.  Perhaps this is a natural defense mechanism, since actually dealing with the root causes of terrorism and fairly addressing grievances is more difficult.  It’s human nature to choose the easier road, the road that doesn’t require introspection, doesn’t require accountability for our foreign policies, and doesn’t require us to be fair in our dealings around the world, but do allow us to dismiss the terrorists and their grievances since we don’t want to look like we are appeasing the terrorists.  The road less traveled, the road that requires introspection, requires accountability for our foreign policies, require fair dealings in the world, and requires us to understand and fairly address the grievances of the terrorists, is not a popular road, but it’s the road that will get us pass fake rage and passionate rhetoric, and move us towards real solutions at the root of terrorism.  There are choices ahead, but will our politicians make the right choices, or just repeat the same foreign policies that got us here?

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