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London bombing. [Copy link] 中文

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Notice the smoke-screen from the “supercilious” liang1a post above

With loaded words such as “supercilious” (meaning conceited, arrogant, boastful, etc.), “holier than thou”, etc. liang1a attempts to throw up a smoke-screen of a tired propaganda mantra about the Iraq war.  

The “Yanks and the Brits” are engaged in a war, but they are not terrorists. There is not one army in the whole world that purposely targets civilians; it is not a good tactic.  Soldiers that do so tend to face court-martial.

In the Second World War were civilians purposely targeted in the bombing of Dresden?  Were the 10,000 civilians killed in the  S i n o –Vie t Namese war of ’79 in one month purposely targeted?  No!

Trying to cloud the definition with obscure adjectives is not going to hide the difference between terrorists and freedom fighters.

The terrorists have ruined their cause, no matter how righteous it may seem, by the methods they chose.

A terrorist may be a freedom fighter who has lost his humanity; once he has gone there he is a murderer, not a freedom fighter.

Have a good day.

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don't show weakness and anger

after the blasts people are less panic and more resilient.

don't show sadness, weakness and anger to the enemies, and don't revenge with violence. one day they will not that loaded with anger and gunpower. more tolerate with different people from different culture, more humanity aid, etc, that's the way to end terrorism.

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terrorists, different kinds of them

I fully accept Brobostigon's words. The freedom fighter versus terrorist, if we look at the cause of the case are interchangable. It only depends from the point of sitting.

Liang1a sits in Beijin(at least mentally) and from this point he/she is right looking at the western teritories. Had he been a member of a nation ho feels himself be occupied by the empire - his stndpoint would be different.
Similar pairs we can see in other points of the world: Madrid/ Basks, London/Irish catholics, Moscow/Chechens, Moskow/Ukrainians, Moscow/ quite a lot other nations, Ankara/ Kurds, 3other capitals/Kurds,

It's all about the point of sitting and self interests.

Brobostigon pointed out very correctly whre we cn se the diferen beetween terrorists in the common understanding and fighters.
Terrorists target innocent civilians.
Blowing out a pipe line or electrostation is also an act of terror, but of another kind. Of a kind that people in world can acept as an act of honest war for freom using acceptable means. In other words:

Terrorists in the meaning o the worst kind of guys are those who PLAN and CONSCIOUSLY target the civilians. THe death of civilians is the main means by which they want to achieve their goals. They are simple murderers.

Andy Dob

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No, because the IRA always gave warnings to the Police, so that they could evacuate public areas. The IRA would never do something on this scale, because the government would then take the kid-gloves off - starting with suspending Sinn Fein from all political activity. Given that SF is a big player in the IRA, they wouldn't let that happen and ruin their political image.

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some ppl might regard the muslim terrorists as freedom fighters who want to end western dominance and their starting wars on their lands while most british american ppl think they are evil and heartless who sees the world only through their own eyes

at the same time  some chinese ppl regard t i bet and xi njiang separatists as evil while most american and british ppl believe they are freedom fighters who have the right to bomb chinese cities and kill innocent chinese ppl

therefore why dont we just regard all these as terrorists and must getrid of them instead of putting up double standards everywhere

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brobostigon: Meaningless difference trying to appease a guilty conscience

Careful planning…………accidental collateral damage

Terrorism………………...Freedom Fighter

One is talking about the intention, and the other is the method to reach a conclusion.  Either way, it’s a meaningless difference to the innocently dead!   I know it’s a great challenge for you, but try to see things from the innocently dead perspective, rather than just your own little myopic perspective!  

Regarding Washington's tactics, what do you think the British military felt at the time, on the receiving end of those tactics?   I'm not condoning the violence, but only helping you to see that there are other perspectives besides your own!   When you only see your own perspective, and judge others without seeing their perspective, it makes you look foolishly insular.  

SHAME ON YOU!  Trying to draw meaningless differences to appease a guilty conscience? Where was your outrage when Shock and Awe killed thousands of innocent people?  If you ask the surviving family members does it make a difference whether their innocent loved ones died by accidental collateral damage, or careful planning, I’m sure you would gain a valuable insight that you are blind to now.  Your shameful attempt to defend the indefensible, by selectively abhorring violence only when it suits you, and silently ignoring (which is like condoning) violence against others because it doesn’t suit you and your self-interest, is the highest degree of unmitigated hypocrisy.  I am ashamed of you trying to run that garbage here!

Until you and people like Iluv2fish, the ultimate hypocrite, can see perspectives beyond just your own insular point of view, you are incapable of fair, honest, and credible opinions since your duplicity undermines your credibility and your inconsistent and selective outrage (of course depending on who are the victims), shows you have no moral authority to talk.

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The biggest terrorist acts: bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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