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London bombing. [Copy link] 中文

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Preservation of national integrity is just, stealing other country's oil is not.

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theres no terror

because hong kong doesnt want to be separate taiwan does tho

americans want hong kong and taiwan to be separate so its hopes of seeing china break up and end in a mess would finally come true without using its own efforts to achieve the same result and yet at the
same time china can be their slave and make things for them and become poorer yet they become richer than their already richest in the world status.

can u believe it ive never met anyone or anything that is able to gain 100000000% of benefit without sacrificing anything usa is the only country able to to that wow and they are actually winning

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It is easy to blame the "chanting moslem" for all the "evils" in the NW.

Yet! we can say the same about "chanting Christians" in Phillipines, Sudan or Ireland? or Race-centre "Chanters".

No, Mr. Liang - we cannot blame "religion" as source of all evils..."religion" can be  a "psychological anchor" for the many who could not "cope with the code of life". It is "Opium" for the weak, oppressed and in poverty. so it Ideologies as well!!!!

Other facts you said is correct, in my personal opinion.

You can say the British is now being "Caned" after receiving "Candy" from the world's population in Singapore! It's like "You have been a bad boy! but here is some Candy for going back to the right path"......

On the other hand, could it be an ACT of REVENGE by the GAMERS in the GREAT GAME. Which GAMER is my question?

The British Club should not be have an IMPULSIVE the show Initial-D!!!!


What are the details of the bombing, what was used, how did the British rail authority with all their CCTV monitoring fail to monitor the planting of the bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I want answers from Mr. Blair. The Commonwealth of the British Club wants answers!!!!

Mr. Blair, you don't have to say everything, just give us the facts and we will try to figure out who those ANIMALS are....I for instance will not give credence to the IMPULSIVE EMPEROR statements....especially the farce of 911 and the illegal occupation of IRAQ.


This is the time for amends, Britain!!!!

You have our support here in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM and from the BRITISH COMMONWEALTH!!!!

Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom
British Club

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Fish, you are too hypocritical to be an honest broker for the truth

China defending its territorial sovergnity against Islamic separatist is justified.  Is there another country in this world, if faced with the same circumstances as China, and also had the means to stop it, would choose to let these Islamic separatist run their country amuck?   

Let think about this fairly!  If any countries were illegally occupied, wouldn’t they feel justified in defending it with whatever means they can?  It laughable, Fish, that you can write with a straight face, amongst all your hypocrisy.  The very terror we saw in London, is the same type of terror we see every day in Iraq, but only in a much larger scale.  Where is the outrage on behalf of the innocent Iraqis that are being victimized by our government everyday for the last 2 plus years?  

You are just too insular and biased to be an honest broker for the truth.  Depending on one’s point of view, an act can be seen as terrorism or freedom fighting.

Think about how the US was formed.  Washington and his gang decided to declare independence from the British monarchy (King George III).  Since Washington’s gang was so overmatched, they used some tactics that some would call, terrorism, to deal with the vastly superior British military.  It was such a losing battle that Franklin was summoned to France to ask for help, and it was with French help, that the British was defeated.  From a British standpoint, Washington and his gang used some terror tactics against the Brits, but I am sure some American historians will remember these battles differently, and say Washington’s tactics were justified to win independence from the British.  One can say both perspectives were right depending on what side you were favoring.  

Some people may see the insurgents as terrorist, while others do see freedom fighters trying to defend their own country from illegal occupation, and using whatever tactics available to reach those goals.  Then there are freedom fighters who travel to Iraq to enter the battlezone, for their own religious reasons, as well as their hatred towards the occupation of Iraq.  Being able to see both sides require being an honest broker to the truth, and not just a blind hypocrite.  Fish, your one-sided mindless diatribes, belies any credibility you may have for fundamental fairness.  But I suspect that you don’t care about being fair in your opinions, since you write so hypocritically so often.

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Terrorism and guerilla warfare are not the same

There is a stark difference between terrorism and guerilla warfare.  To equate them not only accuses Washington and his troops of terrorism, but  M a o ,  F i del, and many others who used guerilla warfare tactics against a seemingly superior enemy.

Terrorism is the act of instilling terror through the purposeful targeting of innocent civilians.

Guerilla warfare comprises of hit-and-run tactics to fight the enemy.  Hitting supply lines or other weaknesses is part and parcel of the guerilla tactics.

Terrorism is the eye-for-eye, tooth-for-tooth revenge based strike at innocents for the purpose of instilling more eye-for-eye, tooth-for-tooth revenge.  

Bombing an Iraqi oil pipeline might be considered an act of a freedom fighter, but planting a bomb on a bus loaded with people who are just going to work/shopping is an act of terror.

There is a stark difference between terrorists and freedom fighters.

Shame on those who cannot see the difference.

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I do not condone terrorism. But it is the Yanks and the Brits who are the bigge

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What the hell do you know...


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