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You got what you deserved, Big Liar [Copy link] 中文

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democracy vs. Russian roulette

1) russian roulette is gambling, you don't choose the bullet, it chooses you.  democracy is about choice.  you choose to live or die

2) the probability of getting chosen by a bullet in russian roulette is progressive.  the first try is  16.7%, the second try is 20%... the last try is 100%.  the probability of electing a moron government is random

3) the ultimate result of russian roulette is a sure death.  the ultimate result of democracy is not sure

So whampoa, democracy is not comparable with russian roulette, logically or statistically.

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Nice one, but I don't believe the chances of electing a moron government are completely random. You always have past behaviour to judge from, so it is always an informed choice to some degree. Having said that I don't believe there ARE any democratically elected moron governments. They may sometimes make decisions we disagree with but running a country is a HUGE task and morons could not do it for a day let alone a full term.

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Good post Dave

Well said Dave!

I 100% share your point of view. As I said in one of my previous post, it is pure justice. I means that when you invade a country for no reasons, when you kill civilians for no reasons, you can expect to PAY THE PRICE one day.

It would have been so unfair if Blair and the Brits would have escape any form of retaliation. Can you imagine someone killing his neighbourg, stealing his neighbourg's house and walking free?

Shame on the USA! Shame on the Brits! Long live JUSTICE!

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umagaman: nothing is wrong discussing any system

many countries in this world, most?... do not believe in their leadership and the incumbents would not hold onto their power if any alternative is made available;
most population do not know what is good for them and need to be told and further educated ANYWHER on a larger scale of picture.
however, not every peoples stop a nation from having a say in who leads them.


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If a few chinese died in those attacks, you might not be so belligerent in your hatred of the west. You shame the dead chinese of 9/11 and you shame your country.

Interestingly and quite ironically, isn’t it that you should choose to look to the Chinese government to deal with terrorists in Hongkong and Shenzhen?

If China, won't deal with muslim terrorists in HK and Shenzhen, then a multinational force should be allowed in to do the job. Or Hong kong should be returned as a british dependency, it is an appalling situation...

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chill guys

peace out

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wtf....hey, first, its a funny word you use "hatred" towards the you ju

the time?
second, not if, but I heard there are people from China that died. that would make no difference to me as any english died.
question is, why they bomb Briton?

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