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Suicide Bomber Kills 27 in Baghdad

Published: July 13, 2005
Baghdad, July 13 -- Twenty-seven people, many of them children, were killed by a suicide truck bomb today as the children gathered around an Army vehicle where troops were handing out candy.

The blast was so powerful it set a nearby house on fire.

The attack, which killed an American soldier and wounded three others, occurred about 10:50 a.m. in east Baghdad, according to the United States military.

As service men in a Humvee were giving sweets to a group of children, a vehicle filled with explosives drove up beside them and was detonated.

The name of the deceased soldier is being withheld pending notification of relatives.

Also today, several men opened fire on Baghdad police, injuring two police officers, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

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thats the point

they can also elect a genius. At least there is a choice.

Maybe people prefer a moron they have chosen rather than a genius who was imposed. that's the essence of democracy. It doesn't have to be the best, but it gives people choices.

2005-07-13 08:53        

Lost on the likes of muslim terrorist trolls like X and his sad counterpart who posted above.

They both abhor the idea of democracy and free choice, like the terrorists who attacked london and madrid and new york. So he chooses to attack me on here.

All muslim terrorists from Sri lanka like x and his friends must leave China!!
When will the chinese govt deal with terrorists in Hong kong and Shenzhen!!

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re: that's the point

I had wondered if there should be grading for morons ….

but I guess it doesn’t matter.  They are one and the same …

Haha! So, today you can elect a moron and tomorrow you can elect a genius, that was the essence of democracy and that was your PRIDE.

AND you live your life like a Russian roulette and you advocate to others the goodness of **purposive and reckless risk-taking** with your life, your future and that of your children and their future generations.

**For the information of the Chinese readers, a Russian roulette is a game in which you risk killing yourself by shooting at your head with a gun that has a bullet in only one of the six chambers.**

I am not sure if that was also the choice of the Iraqis.  Apparently not.  A unilateral war was declared on Iraq by the Americans and the British (against the order of the UN, a body made up of many other nations).  Yes, the Morons of 2 democracies.  

No doubt the Iraqis suffered terribly under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and were easily persuaded that their lives will improve with the Morons’ government of democracy.  They took the risk (shall I say that?) of ‘electing a moron today’ and see what happens?  When will they see ‘tomorrow’ and will they ever (and at what price must they pay)?

You take the risk to ELECT a Moron and your fate is sealed.  …. when will tomorrow come (and if it ever)?  

When tomorrow comes, perhaps, we will talk about it then …. and hopefully, not to replace one moron with another as we see in a living example.

No, I don’t abhor the idea of democracy and free choice, but I will not deceive myself into believing your IDIOT democracy … your unrealised dreams (of a genius government).  Your government works like a real DICTATORSHIP going round imposing on others, infiltrating and disturbing the peace of other countries just to impose your DICTATED ‘democracy’.

Do you not see?

Of course, how could you see and how do I explain that to you – a Moron?


You can ELECT to criticise and disagree with ‘X and his counterpart’, that’s the ‘free choice’ given to you in China.

Interestingly and quite ironically, isn’t it that you should choose to look to the Chinese government to deal with terrorists in Hongkong and Shenzhen?  

That’s your small step to progress and let us, we Chinese, teach and show you the Way.  


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I love China and the Chinese people and this is no reflection on my feelings towards them, but since your are attacking my country's system of government, here is my perspective on yours:

The only reasons to stop a nations people from having a say in who leads them is if the incumbent leadership believes:

a.  The majority of people do not believe in their leadership and the incumbents would not hold onto their power if an alternative was made available; or

b.  The majority of the population do not know what is good for them and need to be told.

I think we can rule out option b. Can you tell me any other reason?

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No doubt the Iraqis suffered terribly under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and were easily persuaded that their lives will improve with the Morons’ government of democracy. They took the risk (shall I say that?) of ‘electing a moron today’ and see what happens? When will they see ‘tomorrow’ and will they ever (and at what price must they pay)?

So we should have just let saddam and his cronies rape women, make dodgy one hand washing the other deals, and shred dissidents in giant industrial shredders forever?

Yeah, democracy is bad....I mean like Blair kills people in the UK all the time....Whatever man

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Get real ...

Whampoa ... you are so reeking of ordure.

Give me a democracy over a dictatorship any day.

Was it a democratic Japan that commited atrocities in China in the 1930s?

Was it a democratic Germany that unleashed the bloodiest war in history and commited genocide against Jews, Slavs and Gypsies?

Was it a democratic USSR that killed tens of millions of its own people through purges, show trials, enforced famine, and the Gulag?

Was a democratic China responsible for the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution?

As Churchill put it,  "democracy is the worst of all possible systems, with the exception ofall the others."

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democracy vs. dictatorship

1) democracy is bad, but it is people's choice.  dictatorship might be good (I doubt, it is usually not the case), but it is not what people want

2) democratic government kills, but it needs to do a lot of explanation and persuasion work, within and outside its country limit.  Extreme kills are usually not achieved by democratic governments, because extreme kills are not likely to gain support within and outside the dictator government's reach.  That's why we see ww2 and etc.

3) people of democratic countries accuse dictatorship of other countries.  people of dictatorship countries appreciate democracy of other countries and use it as their reference when fighting for their freedom

4) democratic government might be attacked by its people who have the right to do so, but democratic system wins long-term support.  dictatorship government might win short-term support by its people and it is never attacked by its people who have not right to do so, but dictatorship system looses long-term support.

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