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You got what you deserved, Big Liar [Copy link] 中文

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I think what dave said here is that you guys should ponder on the reason why your innocent citizens got attacked and examine your double standards on human rights!

Not my double standards ...and what about yours??

How long before a bus goes up in Shenzhen or Guangzhou, caused by muslim extremists from Xinjiang?? Put your own house in order, before critiquing other nations.

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I believe most Chinese are moral and ethical people but you don't want to get into a comparison involving the Chinese Government's record on human rights. The unfortunate thing is, you probably don't have the information to make the comparison even if you wanted to. Your government is doing some great things at present but I'm sorry, protecting human rights just isn't their forte.

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Reply to DayDreamer

“You kill a snake by chopping its head off, not by hitting the tail,”

Does this terrorist attack justify the war wage by the America in Irak and Afghanistan?

athe America soldiers are on the road fignting with the insurgents or rebel face to face, not like cowards putting bombs and targetting Civilians.

Daydreamer, after 9/ 11 attack all the american backed Bush to wage war in Afghanistan to uproot terrorism.

Now by doing so, tony Blair will be backed by all the UK and even the international Community to continue fight against terrorism more and will justify  the Prime Minister decisions.

An Assumption just  to open the eyes of DayDreamer :

Oh Maybe if during Beijing 2008 Olympic , Al Quaeda decide to target the US and UK athletes by putting a bomb and killing hundreds of Chinese people as well then maybe i would love to get your comments on thsi forum at that time.......

i don't wish this to happen....but you never know....Everything is fair in Terrorist WAR...they don't have any feelings....

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China has never sent troops half way around the world to kill innocent lives.

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You got what you deserved, Big Liar

I think what Dave Brown really meant in his statement, though unsuccessfully, was that Bush and Blair are hypocrites for denouncing the London bombings, yet they sent troops to Iraq to an unjustified war that resulted in the deaths of innocent Iraqi civilians.

His title "You got what you deserved, Big Liar" is a bit misleading though. It seems like he doesn't care about the civilian that died in London, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Remember Bush tried to justified the war with the WMD propoganda, which Sadam clearly did not possessed. Bush had no intention of freeing the Iraqi from oppression. He only used that excused when no WMD where found.

Either way, the terrorist attack on London was futile and will just cause a bigger strife in this war. If anything, it will only cause more animosity towards the Middle East, while strengthening Bush's resolve. At least to ignorant people who buy into Bush's crackpot propoganda and lies.

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At least to ignorant people who buy into Bush's crackpot propoganda and lies.

Or see him as saviour of the free world?

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we need a peaceful world

We are not Iraqis, but we are all the people who live in the same world,so we are the same ,no matter your skin is yellow,white or black,but Dubya and Big Liar broke the law.They two think they are special and they have the ability to make all the people under their control,. so they used violence and military might, and destroyed thoustands of Iraqi families wantonly. How ferocious they are! An old chinese saying goes"王侯将相宁有种乎!".All of us human beings need a peaceful world without wars,so i hope Dubya and Big Liar can wake to the flagrant offence they have done earlier.

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