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You got what you deserved, Big Liar [Copy link] 中文

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>>in your eyes, future terrorist attacks on countries like italy and denmark will be 'just deserts', right?
do you have any friends living in london by any chance? how would you feel if one of them had been caught up in the bombings?<<
You don't get my point. It's humanity that we should lament on victims in terrorist attacks.

But while we shed our tear for those innocent lives taken in Britain, shouldn't we ponder why would those terrorist  attacks happen? Aren't those lives taken in Iraq innocent TOO? Aren't you applying double standards on your so-called "human rights"?

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This statement is contradictory.

"And the contrast couldn't be clearer between the intentions and the hearts of those of us who care deeply about human rights and human liberty, and those who kill, those who've got such evil in their heart that they will take the lives of innocent folks."
The statement is contradictory and illogic.

You constantly break in some one else's houses and kill their children because they refuse to take your demoncrazy.

And when someday the fathers who have lost their kids rise up and kill the kids of yours, you make a statement that those fathers are evil and you guys are as holy as angels!

Come on! where is your logic, ilunga?

Confucius said, "己不所欲勿施于人" ! Learn more Chinese!

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the troll BROWN

you don't think any chinese might have dies in these terrorist attacks?

Ignore the troll BROWN he just tries to wind you up because he can. He obviously doesnt think in an intellectual way, he needs some good chinese girl loving, pity the poor chap:)

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>>you don't think any chinese might have dies in these terrorist attacks?<<
You are illogic too.

We have no issue to lament the death of those victims in terrorist attacks, whether they are Chinese or not!

I think what dave said here is that you guys should ponder on the reason why your innocent citizens got attacked and examine your double standards on human rights!

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So a group of malicious people kill and maim...and you say that the reason isn't their twisted idiology...but Tony Blair?

I can hardly wait to hear what you say when Chinese people become the 'target audience' for homocidal zealots.
I'll bet you that you don't say, "Well, they deserved it for pushing the Uighurs around!"

On the other hand, if we view things on a less personal note, this is still a counter-productive method. The British get pissed of when people bomb them. They do not say, "Ohh, better not piss off the extremists".
They gear up to kick ass. The group that made this error in judgement will pay dearly. And the government will have the full backing of the people. If you wanted to make Tony Blair a hero, you couldn't have picked a better way.

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this is an english language forum.  why should i have to learn more chinese? stick to the forum guidelines please.

as i said, the innocent victims are not only british.  could be chinese, indian, japanese, even iraqi for all you know.  the attack was pure cowardice.  aimed not at britain but only serving to maim innocent people from all walks of life, some of  whom would have been firmly against the wars in iraq and afghanistan.

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ps daydreamer

i refer you to lyric from a fine song by jurassic 5

'i live in america but fuck this government'

that's the difference between china in the west hey, you'd be strung up for saying that.

i can't fully understand china because i'm not chinese.  you can't fully understand china because you've never been outside of it (pls correct me if i'm wrong on that point)

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