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Should China support India for UNSC seat [Copy link] 中文

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I feel very glad about Chinas attitude not being one of dominace but of co-operation which is seen in its efforts to have friendly relations with neighbours and past enemies (india included).
I think there is lot to plan for the future by china and india which will be very beneficial; to them if they join each others,
For eg Oil .
80% of worlds oil is in control of US (in the form of SaudiArabia,Kuwait,and Iraq).The rest in Russia and Iran .
India and china should fight together against Asian premium in oil(ie Asian countries pay 1 dollar extra that europe and Americansfor a barrel of oil from middle east)
There are numerous such issues like Water (this will be second most important commodity in future,)
The common security of naval lanes in asia pacific.
China and India are the only nuclear countries having non-use og nuclear weapons against non-nuclear nations and no first - use policies against other nuclear weapon states policies.
There ultimate demand is elimination of all nuclear weapons from all countries.
Our basic aim is that no asian sholud be looked as a second citizen in american on european countries.We should be given our due respect .

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China should support India


India's bid for a seat in the Security Council has my full support.

We should wish India all the best.

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Support India

India is not only a rapidly expanding regional power but also a neighbor. The peaceful rise of India should be welcomed and celebrated. As a gesture of goodwill, China should support India.

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Some analysis

I am all for the Third World, including India and China, to work together in gaining our rightful place in the world. It is unfortunate that dedicated efforts in this regard by great Asian leaders such as Chou Enlai in the 1950s and 1960s were subverted by the Western powers, through the power of their mighty dollar which was used to sow discord between India and China. The US should have been mighty pleased to see that border war of  1962, which has cast half a century of shadow over relations between the two Asian neighbours.
Leaders from both India and China have expressed the wish to work together and in settling the boundary dispute. I have no worries on the side of China, as the government will continue to be led by the CPC, which will ensure the consistency of policies and abidance by any given commitments. On the Indian side, however, one does not know who will be in power in a few years' time, as elections every four to five years get the government and the policies all changed. One group might call for peace and quiet and the settling of all disputes, while another, for its own reasons, could call for just the opposite and stir up the population in order to catch votes. Under such circumstances, it becomes the ordinary population under the bell-shaped binomial curve that gets to decide a national policy that requires vision and a sense history with regard to relations with a next door neighbour which will be there for all time to come, and in a world made so complex by the sculduddery of the super powers - at the moment just one. While we very much hope for ties to be REALLY improved, it is sad to realise that we, both India and China have fallen for the trap of of "Divide and Rule". Any suggestions from our Indian friends?

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I might sound sarcastic, but shouldn't India concentrate on economic development

Instead of hoping to join those ENDLESS MULTI LATERAL talk shows in UN, this and that Conference, organization etc. etc. - Shouldn't India spend more time to "develop" India first!!!!!

All those "talk, talk, talk, release comminique, talk and more talk" is useless.

Remember India is weak, why? you may ask..

(1) 3 M Km2 or 3.3 people per hectare of land (much higher density than China's  1.36 people per hectare)
(2) 150 M hectares of arable land, or but due to high temperatures, low yield of the land - maybe only 2.0 tonnes/hectare of grain..
(3) Low protein intake, resulting in more "tired" group of people.
(4) Low energy production, relies a lot on "oil", no initiative to develop alternative energy.
(5) Excessive controlled by the "Elite Wealthy" and legal mindedness.
(6) Too much bureacratic interference to economic development.
(7) Too legal minded, we have cases of Indian citizens spending their "whole lives" fighting legal cases.
(8) Culture of "small needs", from simple clothing needs, to simple foods, fiery cuisines (+ addition of Opium addicitives, Sudan red dye in your curries)......

.....Yes, yes  I Know, Indian people are very "loving", they avoid "killing" of animals etc. etc....

But shouldn't economic growth be "targeted" first instead of "ego pleasing"...

OUr great GANDHI might "turn in his grave" at all this "Eye ball catching" titles....The GREAT GANDHI, insist of making of cloth in India, so that the people gets jobs!!!....

and Mr. V. India want to "FEEL GREAT" with a "SECURITY COUNCIL" seat.....pleaseeeeeeeee lar, take care of your people first....

Work on the correct strategies...

Yes, good idea, make America supply "Nuclear technology" to improve energy shortage created by the "American capture of the GCC Arab territory).

Remember, Mr. V Indian - Nuclear power is the most expensive Electricty power at the moment..can India afford it??????


Good Luck

Fm Gd.

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india and china must work toegether in the future and develop together so they both become powerful at a faster rate so we are no longer bullied by stronger nations remember in the past 1000 and 2000 years when we are pretty powerful and strong and sophisticated the good old old days now we are just developing nations that suffered the same kind of fate and become crapper

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Reply: Some analysis

Dear Lopsang ,,I fully understand your concern and admit that you are right to a great extent .But i must remind you tah there is a great change  in the world today and the world of 1950-60. Both india and china have matured and grown stronger and have future plannings and foreign policies . And i see them implemented by visit of chinese and indian premiers to China and India . And also the signing of treaties to solve Border and other disputes.
There is no policy changes when governements change in democracy  with regards to foreign policy with a country like China .We can see this from the commitment of both the old and new governments of india.
What we need to do is increase people to people contact .
China is more engaged with its neighbouring group like koreas,japan taiwan,etc and india with its group like pakistan ,nepal ,lanka bangladesh.
W need to change this and increase our mutual trade and contacts.

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