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Should China support India for UNSC seat [Copy link] 中文

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Business is a BIG GAME, not just having production capacity alone.

Anyhow textile and garments is slowly becoming a smaller share of Chinese exports. You should start to pay attention to the new businesses now being "ENCOURAGED" in the CORE SUPER CENTRE and the front running INDUSTRIAL URBAN CENTRES.

The new industries are
(1) Flat steel products - probably using "recycle steel" in "clean and energy efficient" Electric Arc. mills.
(2) Petrochemical or chemical industry - high capital, high productivity commodities.
(3) Car and motor vehicle assembly.
(4) Aeropspace and fast rail logistics.
(5) Cargo - fast, efficient and cheap logistics to key market and production centres.
(6) High Technological niches.

I wonder how you cooperate in Textiles between governments. I think it is better for Indian entrepreneurs to be in contact of CHINESE BUYING HOUSES in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.....would be better.


fm Gd.

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Mr. V_Indian, by the way...the "high oil price" gambit ....

..has found the FIRST VICTIM...the Phillpines!

President Arroyo has thrown in the "towel". She has to visit Saudi and USA to KOWTOW and agree to be dominated.

I think India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Latin American countries like Columbia, Peru, Chile, next...

That is the most worrying trend for India at the moment...

2.5 mbd or around 120 M Tonnes per annum cost US$48 billion (in a US$500 billion economy) and if oil prices reaches US$100/barrel, it'll cost INdian consumers US$72 Billion annually or 15% of GNP...

and having petrol costing US$0.50/litre to US$1.00/litre..India can "kiss goodbye" to MIDDLE CLASS many Indians can afford to spend between US$1,000 to possibly US$2,000 annually for petrol..even if you can produce the US$2,200 car!!!!!

at household income average of US$500 per family of 5/6 pax....

i guess, only  1 in 640 Indian could afford a family 1.5 million car possible or 150,000 vehicles sales annually....

India will be STOP in its economic development!

serious problem, Mr. V_Indian.

fm Gd.

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energy needs

unveils design of thorium N-reactor

By Our Correspondent

NEW DELHI, Aug 25: India on Thursday unveiled its design of “a thorium breeder reactor (ATBR)” that can produce 600mw electricity for two years “with no refuelling and practically no control manoeuvres,” news reports said quoting senior officials.

Designed by scientists of Mumbai-based Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), ATBR is claimed to be far more economical and safer than any power reactor in the world.

ATBR does not require natural or enriched uranium which the country is finding difficult to import. It uses thorium — which India has in plenty — and only requires plutonium as “seed” to ignite the reactor core initially.

The reactor is being seen as a probable way before meeting India’s growing energy needs and to foil likely problems from depleting stock of standard nuclear fuel. The ATBR annually requires 2.2 tons of plutonium as “seed.” Although India has facilities to recover plutonium by reprocessing spent fuel, it requires plutonium for its fast breeder reactor programme as well. Nuclear analysts say that it may be possible for India to obtain plutonium from friendly countries wanting to dismantle their weapons or dispose of their stockpiled plutonium.

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If I may call you Vijay, in only one aspect do I think you are correct: Competition should not be the focus.

But, and it is a big "BUT" - until India throws off the oppressive religious persecution that allows children to die from starvation while animals that could be used for food freely walk the street, until India gets rid of the caste system totally, until India improves certain aspects such as quality control in manufacturing, then India will not elevate herself to the level necessary to compete as she has not only a right to, but a responsibility to her people to reach.

India is being held back considerably by these things and they are unnecessary.

Yes, no question at all, there are many extremely intelligent people in India - and many of them have already moved to other markets (including China) to not only find their fortune but to free themselves from the oppression of religious persecution and caste identification.

India is part of Asia. India has, as has China, been torn apart by the machinations of foreign powers. India has the entire future ahead of her and her people. BUT - again that "but" - until India and her people can throw off the antiquated attitudes of religious persecution, caste discrimination and foolish fawning and following of a foreign political system, she will never attain the greatness that India and the people of India deserve.

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That's a better way to go..then non stop talking at UN etc......

Yes, yes...Electricity production...for the masses.....increase from 60-70giga now to ....500 giga in 2050???? middle class living?

coal, wind, hydro, nuclear, geothermal, P/V....what are the mixes Indian is planning, Mr. V_Indian, we are all ears in CD forum

(hope you don't mind the Jewish noises and tom foolery  prevalent in this very free forum)

and remember, how about AUTOMOTIVE FUEL, is Indian going to show us new system? Maybe Electric-Battery system instead of ethanol, bio-diesel, reconstituted, refined petrol, diesel?????

How you going to do it, with improving the livelihood of Indian farmers...teaching them using computer is rather novel! ha ha ha

We are happy to "read of progress" in the South Asian quarter...but first can India survive Anglo Hood/Jewish tom foolery attacks!

I have big worries in this area.

cheerios, (even in difficulties, keep on smilling!)

fm Gd.

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The Euro2,200 vehicle is possible....but India will be unique....

...and i guess India will not have enough land or water resources to undertake bio-fuel, or oil resources, it cannot have too much meat in the diet since there is not enough land or the productivity that is needed ....

..enviromental degradation has taken its toll, Indian weather is hot, green cover is destroyed, top soil is blown away....vegetarianism might be here to stay...only 200 M hectares available for 1.0 billion population...

Maybe how about electric/battery cars..using "Brushless motors" - and quick charge battery formation..simple gear for top speed of 120 km/hr.......

cafes..with Multi point - car battery recharger cum petrol station for the higher prices models!!!!!!

It is interesting to wait for new developments...but India must defend against the Anglo/Jewish attack on it now!


fm Gd.

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