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Should China support India for UNSC seat [Copy link] 中文

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re:Should China support India for UNSC seat

In fact, I think it is unnessary for us to discuss this question.We all know that the UN is only the puppet of America in its 60-year history.Now,India,germany,Japan and Brazil are fighting for their situations in UNSC.In my opinion,it is a good thing for China,We should support these four countries,it is useful to weaken the influence of America.Only in this way can the UN become the democratic place for every nation on the earth.

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I wellcomer all the replies that are there .
I feel This topic shuds b discussed because it says more about indo-china relatioinship .
It is noty that India will only be or not b on UNSC with chinas help ,,,But what shud be chinas attitude towards this issue.I feel that bringing more candidates on Unsc it makes and reaffirms a Multipolar world
Ansd Mr GreenDragon I would like to ask you What were Chinas credentials when it joined UNSC HOw many hungry mouths it had to feed .It was there only due to American Politics .Ans even today people like you are living in some dream world have you atleast visited  India once?

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Several hundred years ago

China and India were not only great trading partners they were joint-explorers. They can, and should be, again.

Today, India has gone the way of fools and follows a backward political system that copies the "top 1% have most, the next 9% have quite a bit, and the bottom 80% share what little is left" and so have a political system that keeps the caste system entrenched because that is what those with money want - and it is those with money; as it is in other "pyramid scheme" governments that con their people with the lip-service of being a "democratic" government; that decide who gets to sit in the cosy chairs of governence as being the ones that can best serve those with money rather than doing what is best for the people.

Until India casts off the foolishness of bending her collective knee to foreign powers that see her only as a tool, she will never be able to advance.

Until India casts off the caste system, and the backward religious cults that keep her people enslaved for the comfort and wealth of the leaders of those backward religious cults, she will never be able to advance.

Until India becomes whole again and regains what was stripped from her through the machinations of foreign powers - she will never be able to advance.

As regards the UN, on this I support China and India both leaving the UN and forming a "United Asian Nations" with all Asian nations - and only Asian nations - being members; with perhaps Russia (and Middle East countries invited to join if they, too, throw off the control of their countries by backward religous cults) end their willingness to be dictated to by foreign powers.

ASEAN is becoming a joke because it is too influenced by countries not part of Asia.

The UN has become a sick joke that has long ago outlived any potential usefullness it may have had.

Time for a UNA.

But then, I am a dreamer after all.

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ASEAN is just another "talk club"!!!!! ha ha ha

It is a regional cooperation "talk club".

But all the members have own agenda. The ASEAN that matters is CORE STATES....the 100 million population in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore has the most influence and 50% of ASEAN's GNP, 50% of its productive capacity.

Is ASEAN influenced by NON-ASEAN states, YES, since ASEAN is not a MILITARY ALLIANCE, many countries has "Interest" in the waterways, natural resources of ASEAN.

ASEAN form alliances with China, Japan, Korea, India, European Union, British Club. (American seems absent these days!).

Want to "talk", come to ASEAN, we have lots of "talk, talk, talk," there is a very "fun" song and sketch as well!!!!

ha ha ha


Your BIG BOYS can continue your BIG TALK lar in UN!

fm Gd.

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Reply: Several hundred years ago

canchin's idea may not be practical but it makes good sense. The only thing an UN's conference can decide is where and when the next conference going to be. It is waste of time and money.

Funnier than that is, finally the UN makes some sort of decision, but the big guys or the guy is supported by a big guy, could treat it as sh1t, and nothing the UN could do.

UN is dying.

Anyhow, I support India get in UNSC, it is better than some jerks get in anyway.

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Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

v_indian :  The UNSC ( United Nations Security Council ) is an antiquated format installed 60 years ago at its birth. The victors of WWII were dizzy with triumphalism and appointed themselves to be chiefs. The " veto " power granted to themselves has been misused and bastadised to the degree that it is shameful. The whole organisation is run with deceit , harassment, bribery and corruption. The most powerful nation has utilised this veto to do ' deals ' to their advantage repeatedly.

The question now is not how to expand the UNSC. The question is how to disban it. There are now nearly 200 members, large and small, with all shades of political leanings and legitimacy. Nevertheless, any one nation having the power to go against the rest ( up to 199) is bizzare and incomprehensible. Therefore NO member should have the ' veto '. If any nation has a motion to put forward, let her convince the majority in the general assembly that it is worth their votes. Thus, to be able to harass or bribe the majority of the members all the time is expensive. This is the only ( not fail proof ) way in making the process more democratic and honest.

As to the legitimacy of individual members, I hear the mouth from the south ( emu) parotting the old tired line of ' democratically elected ' governments. Is Dubya so elected ? Is Australia a sovereign state suitable to be conferred membership status in the UN? They are still the branch office of Mother England, now deputising as the agent for Uncle Sam in the Pacific. Do they qualify ? That is a moot question .

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India, China aim to team up for oil assets
Updated: 2005-08-17 07:19

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian and Chinese oil firms will sign agreements aimed at bidding jointly for foreign oil and gas projects and reducing cut-throat competition, a top Indian official told Reuters on Tuesday.

for details

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