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Should China support India for UNSC seat [Copy link] 中文

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Reply: I might sound sarcastic, but shouldn't India concentrate on economic deve

Dear Mr. Green Dragon
The points you have mentioned are debatable, but even if find true and accepted, do they mean that India should develop totally and only then ask for support (what is the requirement if everything is all right). Japan might say the same for China about development .And even now, how long should we find each others fault and continue fighting to the profit of others. Today India is not what you think; Chinese premier had called it the back office of the world and china the factory. And to this day we prefer the non- violence of Gandhi to jihad .Imagine all the Indians living in different parts calling for Hindu holy war and terrorism.
Anyways the point is not ego boosting  for joining security council .It is proper representation of Asia in which India fulfils all criteria in terms of population, size of military ,landmass, GDP etc

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这所有的一切 tension 都是美国造成的

你想想, 其是它也不想要 un expansion 但不想看上去象很怀的那样, 所以故仪帮日本 (yet 知道中国会反对的) so 到最后 expansion 不会成工...


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v_indian: Is a permanent seat on the security council important to India?

I don't know enough Indians to know what the main feelings are about whether it is important enough for India to be a permanent member of the UN security council.  I will defer that to the politicians, and other Indians who may know what the typical Indian in India feels about this issue.  

However, I would strongly support more multilateral cooperation between China and India.  I see good areas where both countries can complement one another.  Of the Indians with whom I had some experiences with, I came away feeling impressed with their commitment to education, strong family structure, religion tolerance, and were well grounded in the real world.

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Mr. Raymond, i think the expansion of the UN powers is unnecessary!

By agreeing to let India into the Security Council, the UNSC will really become a force to be reckon with....and a easier way to be hijacked by tyrants...and that would be the end of FREEDOM and even CAPITALISM.

iT will end CREATIVITY when the entire world is mesmerized by a single persuasive tyrant wannabe. China has this experience of STATISM when there is a single Tyrant and a pliable bureacracy....STATISM...

no UN should not be all inclusive...for this i diagree with Japan, Germany, Brazil and India inclusion...this nations are world powers in their own right and should be made to be the "RANCING LIONS".

and back to Mr. V_Indian.

The Indian psyche is to enjoy ENDLESS TALKS and LABOURIOUS BUREACRATIC sytems (that's probably the reason why Indians are so successful software developers!)...but in the real world, such ingrained system will cause severe BLOCKAGES in the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT of our planet.

and INDIA CANNOT FEED its people, it cannot HOUSED THEM PROPERLY, It has yet TO FIND THE ENERGY must concentrate on that!!!!!! EGO, is not what our beloved GANDHI would have wanted!!!!


Note: by the way, China's inclusion was an American Joke since Generalismo Chiang and his Christian Wife was pliable to the Americans and would vote on the side of the Americans.....Only now China possible qualify as a REAL GREAT POWER like British Club, USA, France and the Russian Federation!

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Growth of India

The phenomenal economic growth of India since the 90s should not be ignored. True, India has to face internal problems such as inadequate infrastructure, energy shortage, growing gap between rich and poor, etc., but what developing country doesn't? China, for example, is dealing with many of the same issues. As long as India can maintain the current growth rate, the peaceful rise of India from 3rd world to 1st world is in little doubt.

Its IT industry, for example, possesses so much raw potential that Indian IT may set the standard for the world in the future. Perhaps one day, instead of seeing Indian IT programmers flocking to Silicon Valley, we will see American programmers rushing to find work in India.

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re:Should China support India for UNSC seat

In my opinion,we should support India becoming one of the members of UNSC.There is a simple reason that we,including China and India,are all developing countries,also called poor countries.We should stand by each other to fight against some so-called advanced nation,such as America and Japan.Only in this way could we both become one pole of the future world,otherwise,we will become the puppets of America.there has an old Chinese saying:Unity is strength!
On the other hand,China is a friend of every poor country in the world.

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My thoughts on India!

I think India should "spend more time" to develop their nation that get its "leaders" engaged in "worthless" non stop talk, talk, talk shows.

President Mahmohan Singh is correct to visit the "United States".

No doubt, United States reasons for "helping India" is actually "beneficial to India" at this stage of the game. Let me explain my reasoning:-

(1) United States needs to "quickly" find nations to use its "Dollars". It  depends on supply of "low cost consumeables, labour intensive durables" and its initial "target" for India "Low cost Back Office work" while concentrating on the "high value assemblies", "high productivity industries" to sustain in "ECONOMIC HEALTH".- ie. America needs countries to "EXPORT" the "US$"!

India needs the "Catalyst" to launch its economy.

(2) The New Middle Kingdom (and some other nations) would soon be using more EURO and probably the RMB as FOREX CURRENCY giving China "Minting rights" and ability to manipulate "WEALTH".

The New Middle Kingdom convertion to a "roducer/Consumer" nation would ensure that there could be less availablity of "low cost assembly" labour in the the Economy in China shift to that of a "moderately developed" region.

(3) India needs to ensure "land reforms" to produce "higher value" via "larger hectarage/family" and using "surplus labour" for simple "Assembly work".

The Multiferous talk show will just make LAW, RULES etc. etc.......

anyway, really talking for talking basis....


Game Master
Lord of the code.

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