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Family Value vs. Freedom Spirit [Copy link] 中文

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What differentiates the Chinese society and the western society may be a great distinction in the way they value family, it is generally acknowledged that Chinese hold a stronger family concept. As the flood of "self-freedom" ideology invades and intends to erode our society, the bulk of Chinese families still stay concrete, most are attributed to an entrenched traditional Chinese culture: the family value.

Under this thread, let's Chinese explore this venerable culture, the invaluable legacy of "family value" from our ancestors, which shines like a luminous gem, especially today.

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What had they benefited from it?

In a Chinese family, young generations highly respect their parents, grandparents, elder sisters and brothers, and the elders would love them back. Within a family, each member has a strong sense of responsibility to take care of each other, to protect their family from any attack.

This close relationship is a bit different from the family relationship in the west, where the link between family members seems quite loose. The loose relationship between western family members may attribute to the "freedom"concept, though they are a family, they want "self-freedom"and at the same time give their family members "freedom". The "freedom"idea may look good when everyone is well, but real life isn’t paradise, when life runs into trouble, what would happen with this "freedom"idea?

It hasn’t been easy for humankind to conquer the rigorous nature and become a successful species on this planet. For a long history, drought, flood, famine, plague, war all posed threat to the existence of human life. Wading through a long history, those weak species become extinct, even within humankind, weak tribes and nations disappeared. From this point you may understand, it is a big success for a people to grow population, expand territory and spread their culture. Chinese has been proved the most successful nation at least from this perspective.

How do Chinese achieve this success? Looking into human history, especially from a cultural point of view, then we may find some clues. Both with poor living condition, in a country with profound culture and family concept, no matter how poor they were, what a miserable life they were living, they always valued family the most and put family on the first place. With this family value, people could live with family support, care, warmness, love, family education, and have harmonious relationships in a family and in the community, so with the power families provided for them, they could battle for a better life, and become valuable members for the society and the nation. Virtue and morality were passed to the next generation by family education all the time, and that was why although China experiences a vibrant history but virtue had never diminished by poverty.

On the contrast, in the "free"country US, where grows no culture but all "freedom", people see a completely different picture: Without a profound culture to provide spiritual support for there lives, poor people even though have homes, they are easily subjected to crime, alcoholism, diseases, with no love and no care for them, not to mention any education, usually these people have to live hopeless and some parents even abandon their children at the end to escape responsibility and go their own free way.

So here you see how the "family concept" has contributed to human history, which itself has been a tough struggle against the harsh nature and all mishaps, Chinese has had the luxury of this culture, the invaluable "family value", with which the nation develops and prospers, the population grows steadily and the civilization advances.

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Thank you teressa for another beautiful thread on Chinese values - do keep it up

Yes, I am proud that I can trace my family tree all the way to the great Tang dynasty with 30 plus generations well documented on book !!!

We bet the barbarian westerners don't even know who their great grandfathers are (or too many step-step-xxx's for them to count or remember).

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Different life styles under different culture

Take a peep at the lives of "free" country people: Children were allowed too much freedom to do whatever they want at the age they have no distinguishing ability yet, so they are vulnerable to the lure from the dark side of the society, thus you see an unproportionate share in youth crime in these "free" cultures. Unlike Chinese children, who know how to respect the elders from a very young age, and would only call their parents "dad" and "mum", western Children behave daring against their parents and it’s a tradition for them to call their parents with their names. Children challenge parental authority at a very young age results in the weakness of family education, and leads to the rise of social problems. In Chinese family, when children grow up, they are willing to take the responsibility of the family, include giving financial support to their parents and taking care of them, in Chinese tradition, filial piety is the most important among all good behaviors (百行孝为先), by this culture, senior people are guaranteed a quality old age life. But how’s the situation in "free" countries? Although these countries struggle to dignify their life by the word "freedom", this notion doesn't make their life more admirable, with the bulk of the countries’ senior citizens end their lives with loneliness in rest homes. What a tragedy of life(真是造孹)!

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30 generations ago?? By that time, where were those barbarian's ancestors? Were they being discriminated and persecuted on the European continent? Or were they working on the land in some kinds of manors? Or were they barbarian in woods....???

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30 generations ago

30 generations ago China was already a highly civilized nation :) While the Europe was still in the dark middle ages and the North America was still a wild land.

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Chinese people are so much more civilised than barbarians.  Everything bad that's ever happened to China is their fault.  We Chinese aren't to blame.  Pretty soon we'll rule the world even though right now we're making plastic junk for Americans and being paid $3/day to do it.  

Go China!

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