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Goose-stepping Over African Oil [Copy link] 中文

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Mr. Lizard Fish - that's where American predation - extension of previous...

...goyim making tricks has caused the world..

600 M poor Africans Vs. 1.8 billion poor Asians in Semite Arab lands, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, IndoChina and Indonesia.

Happy Birthday America!

All victims of past British Club predation and now American Jewish Goyim making regime....

But it is those Bloody Africans, South Asia who has to be blamed for being "tricked" by the White American arses.

Look, even in America Black African, Brown Hispanics are poor.....the White Goyim making tribe does not like Brownies and Blackies...the few Indian professional are an exception, try to have more emigration of Indian to America and see what would happen!!!!

cheerios Mr. Lizard Fish!

fm. Gd.

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My happy little fly eater

Why do we get blamed for everything? The Chinese are in Asia...blame them.

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By the way Green lizard...

my boss is Chinese and a really good boss he is.

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Ha ha Read again Mr. Fish...Semite land...Aryan land India.....

....sounds familiar??????

Asia is not Chinese only.

Only New Middle Kingdom is Sino centric.

Semite, Aryan lands are American and British influenced...

Even the Suharto regime is proudly put into power by the CIA, so they say!

Don't worry, Indonesia, Phillipines, South Asia, Semite Arab and now Africa can be your new playground - you'll need the land for your locust lands to be "Dollarized"....

Don't worry about us, we are just watching your activities....afterall, you guys are the jokers, the entertainers..


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China is pretty entertaining too...

From being the communist party and not really being communist gives us a good chuckle in the land of the free.
Then put in the expendable coal miner who is told to work like there is no tomorrow and then when he goes to fast and an accident happens the government tells us it was their own fault.
O r should we talk about the wandering sleeping giant....from Africa to South America in search of the black oil. The Chinese promise the countries with their new millennium slogan "see no evil, hear no evil, will not speak of any evil that might be happening while we pump our precious crude".
Lets talk about the China and how they are flooding the world with slave labor goods as the rich get richer and the poor...well you know little lizard...just stay poor. No education, no salvation.
Entertaining but oh so very sad also.

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Mr. Fish, how the American hospitals entertaining compare to China's mines.. least China is solving the problem while the American hospital "accidental" deaths is grim!!!! And you have to pay the hospitals to get "killed"! ha ha ha

Well, about the "Sudan thingy", isn't that a AMERICAN PROBLEM...American predation of the GCC Arab -Persian Gulf oil deposit has created many enemies who uses the Ideology to indoctrinate against America.....don't joke with me, Mr. Fish, America loves those NUMBSKULLS, what can American hating Children do to America - America is a 30 day sail by ship away!!!!! America encourages such NUMBSKULLS as the Moslem region borders with European Union, Russian Federation, Indian nations.

And Arab GCC- Persian Gulf, where all this "hate originates" is an American protectorate. Those boy's are just an extension of the FREEDOM FIGHTERS call for support using the Indoctrination of religion.

I doubt that is a Chinese or New Middle Kingdom's problem...we willingly buy crude oil to those who willingly sells it to us.

I think the GCC-Arab princes oligarhs must be really "TIRED" of Americans but they need the "UNY ISRAEL - PALESTINIAN" sideshow to keep their MASSES entertained FROM NOTICING the great wealth of the NATION falling into the hands of AMERICAN-BRITISH GOYIM MAKING MASTERS, and their own WEAKNESS on the WEALTH the "OIL PARADIGM" generates!!!!!

Same old shit! actually!

Israel can be a non-issue if the ARAB PRINCES wanted it to be. In addition, now the  ARAB PRINCES and their 1.0 Million men army is worry about the AMERICAN ARMY numbering now 250,000 in the 52nd State called Iraq.....

We are really enjoying the ENTERTAINMENT !!!!


Game Master
Lord of the code.

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America not the problem

To flotsam: You can spew your ignorant sh*t all day long, but the "enlightened" parts of the world know the truth.
If you could do some research,instead of making sh*t up,maybe you could earn some respect. .

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