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Goose-stepping Over African Oil [Copy link] 中文

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The Giant steps into Africa

(Flot, surely you bait. Everyone knows that China has turned a blind eye to rape and murder just for oil, and you want to put the USA down? Now that is funny)

"Sudan is China's largest overseas oil project. China is Sudan's largest supplier of arms, according to a former Sudan government minister. Chinese-made tanks, fighter planes, bombers, helicopters, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades have intensified Sudan's two-decade-old north-south civil war. A cease-fire is in effect and a peace agreement is expected to be signed by year-end. But the fighting in Sudan's Darfur region rages on, as government-backed Arab militias push African tribes off their land. "

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the US was the biggist weapon supplier to sudan before the Chinese came over there around years ago. and the US has been the biggist weapon supplier in the world after WWII to almost every single African country who has decades long civil wars.

The US's finger is much dirtier than the Chinese's.

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ha ha Mr. Fish! Now let's go African! ha ha ha

Okay, The game in Africa goes like these..

(1) South Africa - choice supplies of Coal, Iron Ore, Uranium, diamonds, gold and weather suitable for White Goyims. (So far, the Jewish-Anglo hoods has not yet coordinated the goose stepping White Goyims into new horrendous battles.) It has manipulated to place "clueless Africans" into power in Africa.

(2) Nigeria - Oil Mecca for America. White Goyim would have to compete with the British Club to gain upper hand. It is easy to use GOYIM making tricks to destabalized Nigeria but Nigeria belongs to the BRITISH CLUB, you can kiss my arse if the BRITISH is going to let American Goyim Making Leaders from getting this choice plot of real estate.

(3) Sudan - Oil, are you sure China gets to trade with Sudan for oil. Yea!

Mr. Fish, the BIG POT OF GOLD for America is in Africa....

It could be the new ASSEMBLY HUB for America to replace the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM. We will starve in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM as you move the American 15% of REAL MATERIAL consumption away from NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM and buy it from Africa.

Yea! Correct moves! We cannot do anything in Africa..It is BRITISH CLUB and UNITED STATES stomping grounds.......

yea! Slave trading can start again.


Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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"the US was the biggest weapon supplier to Sudan before the Chinese came over there"

I agree with you. You are fair as at least you admit that China's finger is dirty too. Some of these naive Chinese lizards are putting the CCP up for saint-hood.

The only difference I see from China in Africa is that China seems to shut her eyes will she is sipping the black brew in the Sudan. Britain and the USA at least try and help.

It is dawning on me that China is missing something...a heart perhaps.
I have not put my finger on it but something seems very empty about China. Maybe it's......let me think on it longer.

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Flot, surely you bait.

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China got no soul

"impose sanctions!!! So, like Iraq, he wanted to save the people by starving them to death (read: punish them for exercising their sovereign right to sell oil to China)"

Incorrect again flot....sanctions are used instead of bullets to try and stop the killing and the rapes from happening. China's solutions?......close eyes and keep filling the tank with oil.
The Chinese people should be ashamed of their "do nothing" government. The blood and cries of the Sudan people are on the Chinese head.

Shame!  Shame! Shame!

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