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The Two Tigers on Mount Tai. [Copy link] 中文

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Yes, yes, those two tigers are missing for the time being.

It will take time, as they are now hiding. The Predators are "rocking us".

Still, good new galore...

(1) The Rooster in the Nanyang are not so easy to slaughter.
(2) The Roosters in the East Seas are changing to become "rancing Lions".

Hopefully, the Latin Roosters could hold their own.

ha ha ha ha ha

The Jokers and the Hoods are "eyeing Africa now"!

Let's all take a few minutes and watch the next great movie from Hong Kong - the "XXXX-D" movie. It is directed at all of us in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM.

Be calm, we have been through this road before...

Remember, high oil prices hurts America as much as the Mainland Middle Retail price of Petrol is US$700 per tonne compare to US$500 per tonne even if crude prices are US$260/tonnes due to higher labour cost in it will cost America US$800 billion (US$10 trillion economy) Vs China's US$150 billion (US$2 trillion economy)...same hurt.

The Petroleum profit should be used to develop the MULTIPLE ENERGY SOURCES.


now, Photovoltaic = US$3,000 per Kw while Windmills = US$1,500 per Kw. Let's use Chinese economy of scale and lower margin to reduce it to US$1,000 per Kw........

and convert that energy to Methane for use in our automotive industry. Land in the WINDY REGIONS and DESERT REGIONS are free......


Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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haha greendragon

i really dont know what the hell ur on about but nontheless ur a babe keep defending zhongguo alright? things are gonna change soon time is on our side

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ha ha Ms. Bendent, who is "We"?

There are so many "WE" in the world.

A multipolar world is being created and Ms. Bendent from Sydney is wondering about "WE". Yes, Yes, it is "WE" as in British Club members. Alas it is only 110 Million member club. (or 140 Million if we in Singapore/Malaysia corridor is accepted as equal members - i seriously doubt the White people can accept black africans but if they can, then 190 Million members.)

Ms. Bendent, the only way WE can protect the British Club is to trade with both major bloc, the Jewish/Anglo hood America and the New Middle Kingdom.

ha ha ha

By the way, Ms. Bendent, time is on nobody's side! ha ha ha

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we is chinese ppl

im shanghainese

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ha ha I get too confused sometimes..

..and i thought you were Australian. ha ha

I am Cantonese! ha ha

I think Americans are powerful. The TV station i watch in Kuala Lumpur all the time NTV7 has now have an "American or White man" showing the sign "You are going down" on NATIONAL TV.

They are powerful, intimidating...imagine the whole of Malaysia has to watch the "subtle brainwash" forced onto Malaysia to be pessismistic! ha ha ha

By the way, Malaysia also now is trying to save energy - petrol.....i reckon..

It has
(1) Increase Petroleum prices, raise toll road cost. This has the effect of reducing travel as people opt to use smaller cars, travel less. I have two cars, a 660cc car and another 2,000cc cars, now i am using the smaller car a lot more.
(2) Reducing work week to 5 -day week except for "public service windows". This will in effect reduce traffic by 1/6 since people don't have to drive to work. The private sector normally takes the cue from  the public sector.


Fm. Gd.

It is implementing 5-day work week for civil servants - else

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You're Shanghainese my foot!

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Initial - D??? Chinese???

It is a movie based on a Anime series from Japan. It's about illegal mountain racing...motorsport which is something so new and underdeveloped in China that it is virtually non-existant.
Knowing HK directors, the theme of racing will be turned into a romantic theme and the racing will be weak (ala legend of speed).

I'll go and see it soon though as I am a fan of the original series.

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