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The Two Tigers on Mount Tai. [Copy link] 中文

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Criticism of China all the way from you. Nothing good. All bad. 1001%

<<Initial - D??? Chinese???>>
I think you need a new pair of spec.

He said the MOVIE was DIRECTED.

You are a joke.

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"WE" as in the British Club, Twin Tiger on Mount Tai and Little Dragon states..

...has been in this predicament WW2.

This time, the Hong Kong directors picked an appropriate movie to produced, using Japanese Manga features to show how to handle the "delicate position" - the "Tofu" man is apt. How to use the AE-86 frame but upgrading the engines to AE-89, taking out the vibration and a cool drive.

The Monster is in the "Impulsive Emperor".

The Japanese, Koreans, the twin tigers at mount Tai and Taiwanese will be taking cue from activity in GCC Arab region. In the meantime, they are converting at rapid pace their electricity requirements to Nuclear, LNG, Coal....and for liquid fuel could still be rationed or reconstituted from LNG, Bitumen, shale oil, from Canada, Australia, ASEAN, East China sea, Russian Federation...should anything untoward happens to the GCC Arabs states.....afterall Electric rail travel is very developed in the Little Dragon and there is still 3 mbd in ASEAN region for crude oil alone and a lot more LNG.

The 3 months of MFA, the sudden doubling of orders to China, flip flops in Textile legislation rumours, and now the well timed crude oil price rise has a big effect on the "twin tigers on Mount Tai",  garment workers are having problem adjusting to the new economic picture, a lot of car repossessions occurs in Consumeable districts such as Balakong, Kepong, Batu Pahat, Muar....and consumer confidence is flagging, only to be proped up by NEW AUTOMOBILE INTRODUCTION..

Inflationary threats are in the horizon as the TWIN TIGER ECONOMIES need to readjust their economic structure...higher services values, capital intensive, domestic raw material industry, logistics/warehousing -retail branding using imported consumeables from China. (losses are minimal since 60% of value added comes from retail, branding, wholesales and in Malaysia's case, it could only be 20% of consumeable product value added since raw materials could come from Malaysia's oil, gas, rubber, plastic industry...)

We still need to reduce automobiles taxes and implement car inspection to ensure cars are kept at younger average ages for better fuel efficiency, conversion to higher value durable assembly business...

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hey adm zheng he babe

wu zi sang hei ning ok.... 你是什么...哈哈...

tek i just realisd u have nothing good to say about china (nothing good all bad 100%) no wonder so many ppl here diss ur country as well oh well balances out

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Hello Ms. Bendent, shanghainese wannabe from Sdyney!!! ha ha

I think you are in the right place.

I think the New Middle Kingdom might have to abandon Canada since the United States are very likely to invade CANADA.

The American game in GCC Arab land is going to be very HOT! Kurdish rebels, Sunni rebels will be backed by Persians, Russians, Arab GCC, Indians or Pakistani....all would want American troops out so that a FREE MARKET for the GCC Arab oil could emerge...

or at least subdue to American troops to uselessness!!!!! Maybe we can expect daily SNIPER get the 30,000 fatalities needed to rid themselves of American troops!!!!

So, Ms. Bendent, Australia is with the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM...whether you like it or not...better to like it rather than not!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

Only the BRITISH CLUB can protect, so don't go around DISTURBING us in MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE SUPER CORRIDOR. We can spend some time with MOTHER BRITAIN to discuss how to protect CANADA!!!!!

HA ha ha ha ha

China is likely to reduce reliance to GCC oil to less or not more than 150 M tonnes per annum. Little Dragon states will also reduce it to less than 150 M tonnes annually....relying more on LNG from ASEAN, Little Dragon and enough to keep Australians positive about New Middle Kingdom...maybe US$50 billion LNG, Coal, Iron Ore imports...ha ha ha

Welcome to the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM, Ms. Bendent!

Glad you learning written Chinese!


Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom

Note: 10% of Australian peopple states the "Force" as their religion! Are you onboard?


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greendragon 我不知道你在说什么可能我英文和中文都 sux like hell

and i dont think australia is a babe my parents forced me to come here

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obviously china wants to be as different as possible from the current developed

when the 'world' (prob up themselves developed countries) is against china as can be seen increasing in recent years then china is winning...when the 'world' starts to support china thats when the country is going down remember this forever and nothing can affect us ever mwhaahahahhaahah so keep the criticisms coming it just shows idiots are starting to feel insecure obviously we are becoming more powerful and u cant do anything abou it mwhahaahahahah good thing is once strong we are able to take revenge on u and still u cant do anything about it mwhahaahahahahaah what goes around comes around

note: this is targeted at non-chinese ppl

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ha ha ha the Ying and Yang stuff! ha ha

Yes, yes we know that!

That's why China announced that it is trying to developed using its own internal energy source rather than rely on GCC Arabs..even though the GCC Arabs probably have 50% of the world's crude oil and gas proven reserves.....

Good PR is needed here.....

Enjoy the game, Ms. Bendent.

Game Master
Lord of the code.

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