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why don't you japanese ppl understand? [Copy link] 中文

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Then you should thank America

>>>japans occupation of china gave chinese peoples loads benifitts like good roads and also japan brought japanese characters to china so now china people can write there language down

The last part of the sentence is just  cheap bark, everyone know it don't make sense. Is that the way Japanese talks? No wonder they insist on they had not done anything wrong in China, Korea, South East Asia and Pearl Harbour.

The first part of the sentense is a lone time excuse. So during Japanese occupation in mainland China and Taiwan, they used Chinese money, Chinese labour and Chinese blood to build road, develop rice field and etc. The purpose was not for Chinese good, but for strengthen their war machine and ensure supply for their global war. Then at the end they talked about they did something good for Chinese. Are you ashame of your ignorance?

American, during their occupation in Japan, set up a 'democracy' system, enforced disbank of imperial machine, forced Japan for a peace constitution. Then in order to support its war in Korea, allowed Japanese to arm again, and helped Japanese economical recovery.

Of course, America still have military bases all over Japan, their soldiers still occasionally raped Japanese girl, their trucks till occasionally knocked down Japanese. But please go and thank them.

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Just return the favor to Japan. Eye to eye law.

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All Nations have committed crimes

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wafflebreath is an American liar

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OK. By the same token...

WHo are you to tell Japan that they can't have a military? Why, because they beat you with it? How long should they have no military? They are a sovereign nation too. (Just as many Chinese like to point out concerning the Iraq War).

For how long should the people of Japan feel the guilt of knowing that some soldiers from their country went through Asia raping,killing and maiming?
This is the way of ancient warfare...rape and pillage. The weaponry at hand is not the issue, the mindset is...and at the time, they were still a feudal society (much like medieval Europe, with Emperors and Kings etc). 3 generations later they apologize repeatedly and the Chinese don't care.

Why don't you care?? Well...

It's not convenient to accept or acknowledge their apology. They are now a convenient 'relief valve' for internal social problems. Anytime there is a internal build-up of frustration...we can start an Anti-Jap rally or two.
The Huaxi riots were going strong, but most Chinese had no idea...why?? The major urban (and media ) centres were conveniently fixated on the student protests.

My point is think about why you should stop the hate...

If an apology is not good enough..then what? Money? Hahah..that will not undo the harm and all you are trying to do is benefit from the death of loved ones that died before your birth. Very cheap tactic.

If you get a penny from the Japs, I think every American Black should recieve 40 acres and a mule. That would be fair. (Land is power)

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many koreans that sided with japan during japans imperialism ...

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own japenese territory..

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