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why don't you japanese ppl understand? [Copy link] 中文

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your country and you ppl should be liable for the crimes made by your ancestors. these war criminals are aleady dead, and even they were still alive, punishing them can't compensate these victims. because it is not only several ppl killed. it tons of millions, of different countries.
and war crimes are collective crimes, they are done by a group of ppl, directed by  several leaders. sure these eaders should be punished if they were still alive, but that is just not enough.
your counrty and you ppl should all be responsible for collective crimes, because we can not sentence those group of soldiers to death if they are or were still alive.

you should confess and repent, seriously and collectively.

punishing these crime organizers are not enough!

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apology is easy and useless, if it is not sincere. and also sincere apology is n

Apology is not sufficient, not enough, never ever. If I kill a person, then I apologize on time, can this exempt me of being sentenced? Absolutely absurd and ridiculous.
and the truth is, you japanese, you Japanese ppl, do not even want to formally apologize to china and chinese we can see you japan and Japanese never ever confess and repent sincerely. You treat Asian ppl as bunch of fools.

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it is like this

you, as parents of several sons.
and one adult son of yours planned and organized a killing, and did that along with several minor sons of yours. your sons killed many ppl. yeah, your adult son shoule and is to be punished, maybe sentenced to death, but your minor sons survive, because they are just minors, lets say they are all under 14.
so is it enough that your adult son being punished? no, absolutely no. it is not enough.
you, the parents should be responsible for the crimes done by your minor childrens, you will not be punished, nor will you be sentenced to death, but you should apologize, but just apoloty is not enough, it is just the first step or part of your responsibilities. you should seriously and sincerely confess and repent! and  compensate the victims' family.

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I did meet some japaneses

some good some bad, just like chinese ppl or any other ppl, some good and some bad, this is just not the point we are discussing.

you meet some good japanese does not mean all japanese are good, you meet some bad japanese does not mean all japanese are bad.
but this is just not what I and all of you are concerned, no matter you are chinese, japanese, westerners, and other asians. also I do not care if some or all japanese are good or bad.

what i am concerned is the responsiblities and liabilities of japan and japanese ppl for the past crimes done by their ancestors.  lets focus on this and discuss.

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do not complain that many chinese hate you and your country.

It is justified that the family of these victims hate and have the right to hate japan and or Japanese, no matter you are good or bad Japanese, it does not matter. You should all feel ashamed of the crimes done by your ancestors, do not say, it has nothing to do with me. it has something to do with you indeed, you are all from the same country and race, and quite a few of you have the blood of these killers and rapists.

If I were you, I will choose to apologize seriously and sincerely to every chinese or Korean, “I am  sorry that my ancestors did that crime to you ppl, I as a descendant of these criminals, hereby apologize to you and your country”.

Why don’t you Japanese men behave yourself while in china? There are so many scandals of Japanese in china. You make japan and Japanese ppl look worse.

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What about Chinese men?

What about Chinese men who use prostitutes? Why can't they stay with their wives? Are Chinese women so worthless to you?

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japan is apologuised MANYS times...butt china people to  deaf   too here

japans occupation of china gave chinese peoples loads benifitts like good roads and also japan brought japanese characters to china so now china people can write there language down

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