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love is hard [Copy link] 中文

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i cant say no more
i am dissapointed that no one can continue this topic

so comon girls and boys lets have the truth

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yes, love is hard.

Hi, I am a Chinese girl, and my name is Bunny, which my American boyfriend gave to me. Right now I am using jinchafa, my bf's name to reply your topic. I met my bf last May and then we fell in love with each other. And now I have  graduated from the college, and gave up an opportunity to work in Beijing and an opportunity to work in a good middle school in Baoding city, my hometown. And came to Yunnan to stay with him, but I am so confused with my future. Although I love my bf, I won't go to America. Because I don't want to leave my parents alone and to leave them to worry about me, another reason is my bf is more then 30 years older than me, I haven't told my parents that I fell in love with such an old man. I am afraid that my parents won't agree with my love....
I have so many difficulties to face in the future. So yes, love is hard for us.

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Lover is harder than you think:.....I have the same problem

I'd never had any feeling of love until I met my bf, it was 4 years ago. We started from being a normal classmate and changing to a couple. I spent time with him almost 2 years, but we had to live apart for a while. Time changed...and he didn't care much about me......I met another guy by chance, I had an idea poped up " I should not close my chance to meet new people". I started making friend with him and thinking of breaking up with my bf. He knew everything and I still wanted to leave, so our relationship finished by then. He might think as same as what you are thinking right now, worst, he called me bitch.
Since the time past by not so long, we came back for making new relationship, however, we couldn't live together because we had to go back to our countries.

I wanna ask you..... you want to marry your gf, what are you waiting for?

Life is not just when someone is ready, it's just an excuse.

I don't believe when someone asks me for getting married because I used to face to the situation for 2 times.

If you are independant from your parent or others, what are you waiting for?

I was defened from others to get married.

I used to keep my bf's promise and waiting for nothing.

The first example was just about my first boyfriend.

From now on, love is harder than ever before.......

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well good question

i would like to ask myself the same question what i am waiting for?

its not me thats waiting

thats the problem.

i had my final day with my gf in paris before she left for hunan for holiday

but i wanted to say so many things
and it just was not right

i consider myself to be a thoughtful person ie

if i was young and wanted to complete my studies then therefore marriage is not the time.

so i must give her time to develop her studies?
and the marriage will just be non exsistent?

so i must wait for her to decide what she wants at the end of her studies


china or me?

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Well well well.....

So what are you waiting for? Why don't you ask her? You explained so many things but they were just your thought. Have you ever asked her about your and her future?

......You or China.....?

Love is not just yourself or country, love means so manythings.

I don't care where I am gonna be with my lover but I do care that place should have me and my lover.

The importance is understanding with gut.

You will wait for your girl, what about your girl?, will she wait for you?

rise your two hands up, see !!! What can you see?

How many time do you use your right hand to open doors?
How many time do you use your left hand to open doors?

Have you ever waited for opening doors?

Ask...........her, don't wait......

you need to solve the problem, not the problem solves you

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Love is .......

The most beautiful thing is the most fragile in this world. Flowers can be an example. Love is a beautiful and tender flower, wanting careful cultivation!

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comon kids its been a few days since any one had added a reply

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