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Re: knowhoyouare, no need to waste ur efforts on Liangzai

Now, what is a country? It is an artificial construction where some people's leaders claim the land within certain borders. These borders tend to change with time.

Thus, a citizen of Ukraine could formerly call himself a proud Ukrainian citizen, but then the Soviet Union seized his country, so now he was a proud Soviet. Then his country was liberated, and he was once again a proud Ukrainian. The problem is that he never accepted being a proud Soviet, as he in his heart always was a proud Ukrainian. His children, on the other hand, were and still are proud Soviets, because that is what they learned in school, to dig Lenin and hail communism. They were born in the Soviet Union, but now live in Ukraine.

Ukraine could be substituted for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and a handful of other states, and the whole reasoning can be applied to Ireland, Baskia, Yugoslavia and a whole slew of nations around the world. China itself has never been a constant, but has been torn apart, contracted, expanded and so on throughout history. Not all current Chinese citizens are "natural Chinese".

I can't for my life figure out why one should be proud of belonging to such an arbitrary construct as a country. Pride in itself is not a good feeling, but it is acceptable if one has achieved something. All the Chinese who have created riches, have won competitions, or otherwise have achieved something have earned the right to be proud. Proud to be themselves, not proud to belong to a certain country.

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aha, what a cunning lanzai!

Everything is changing, nothing is absolutely constant for sure.

You can't step into the same river twice...

You can't be the same lanzai as before...( worse indeed)

Your parents can't be the same parents today as in yesterday...

So what's your point?

You can't be proud of being a kid of your parents because you were not borne out of your will?

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Glorious Chinese nation!

Long live the People's Republic of China and the Chinese people world wide!

100% Chinese and proud of it!
One nation, One People and One flag! The re-unification of the motherland is inevitable and it will and should be acheived by any means possible!

Raise the 5 yellow star red flag over Taipei, it is the will and expressed desire of the vast majority of Chinese people world wide!

Victory to our glorious Han people and good luck to the People's Liberation Army in the defence oof our great nation!

Cantonese pride!

Born and bred in Hong Kong! Long live the PRC!

Sun Yat Sen rest in peace!

Chinese should not fight Chinese! We want peacefull re-unification!

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Forgot to mention!

I also forgot to mention the Chinese women are the worlds most pure, desirable, honest, hard working and above all beautifull!

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Pride can be dangerous if it is a way to cover up an individuals feelings of personal inadequacy, that is not aimed at anyone here in particular just an observation. Instead of focussing on how proud we are to belong to some group, wouldn't it be better to try and make sure that people are proud to be associated with YOU? Instead of focussing on somebody else's achievements or on your country's historical achievements, try to create your own unique achievements to be proud of. That is the way of progress, never forget the past but focus on improving the present.

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i think Liangzai does not hate china..

Its only u Morons and mutts of xiaolifeidao who looks gay in the teleplay
and u whose an OLD HAG..



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Nice strike Liangzai

Those two morons and twats deserve to take their own MEDICINE...

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