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Australia Exploits Chinese Workers??? [Copy link] 中文

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Yep, blame the foreigners

flotsam 2005-06-24 09:31
<<"rofessor Simon Longstaff ..... says some Aussie companies are failing to meet their ethical responsibilities when faced with corruption, poor labor conditions and political pressure in China",...
Of course this statement is ambiguous. It could mean that Chinese authorities are corrupt and unscrupulous. But it could also mean that it is the Australian companies which are exploiting Chinese workers. After all, isn't that the reason the Australians are investing in China?>>

Well I don't think the statement is ambiguous, just how do Australian companies set up to employ and exploit Chinese workers? Chinese people working for joint venture firms in China would be employed under local labour laws. If these laws are unjust or exploitative then that is the fault of the local authorities. If the Australian (or other foreign) companies knowingly condone this corruption/exploitation then they should face legal penalties as well as the corrupt local officials. It would be nice to blame the nasty foreigners, but how about checking that your own house is in order first.

Foreign companies are investing in China because of the low labour costs. The labour costs are kept artifically low partly because of the exchange rate. Unlike free economies, where the currency is freely traded, China artificially maintains an exchange rate which advantages their manufacturers and exporters. The downside is that foreign products and travel is unaffordable to those on average Chinese wages.

flotsam 2005-06-24 09:31
<<But isn't it more likely that it is the Australian companies which are exploiting Chinese workers rather than Chinese companies?>>

Don't you read CD newspaper, flotsam, or are the facts printed there inconvenient for your prejudices. How about all the corrupt chinese mining operators who are responsible for the deaths of thousands.

Let me tell you what is more likely. It is more likely that local Chinese joint venture firms are exploiting their workers to guarantee low labour costs in the competitive tendering for foreign manufacturing contracts.

As long as fools like you continue to blame the foreigners for everything which is wrong in China, you will NEVER see any progress.

Change the laws, elect officials who will introduce proper protection for workers and guarantee minimum wages. That would be a good start.


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Good post emucentral.  Nailed it.

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China exploits its own people.  Complain about that buddy.

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Welcome to the capitalist  market economy.

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You have no idea what you're talking about.

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china exploits 800million poor people

poor people that have NO choice but to leave their home country to find the basics of life like shelter, food and clean drinking water...all found in australia.  too bad the so-called patriots are up in their penthouse with their 5 chinese ladies getting fat by the minute.

but, you don't see anyone complaing about china do ya?

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