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Why chinese girls are so easy to get foreign boyfriend but not the other way rou [Copy link] 中文

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for girls who chases men

a.k.a . 女才男貌...that relationship i believe will not last..

feelings are not learned. its a human trait on earth that one cannot understand fully.

of course..normally at stage one is the outward appearance, afterwards the personality which is certain then comes the other background..

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founderdata and james got good points too

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So are you saying when chinese guys get drunk we abuse white trash !!! i don't thinks so.

Founderdata, if you ever have the chance to go overseas and the money, you will understand how racist white people can be, they think they are on top of this world being superior race then any kind, treating other race black, indians and asians as second class. In Africa on the trains there are white class seatings and black class cabinets mention on the signs (Did you know that ?). In India restaurant are separate for white trash seating areas with forks, knifes and table cloths, lower class are only permited to sit on the floors and eat with there hands.

Conclusion: Are we not all the same human being born from a mother wounds.

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sugar daddy aka the duckhead charles

I mean Chinese men are equally dangerous when they are drunk and they could have equal tendency to abuse girls when they are drunk as well as white men do.


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you almost make some good points but your racist generalisations make you look stupid.

yes there is a drinking culture in the U.K. and a tendency for young men to start fights and give abuse, it stems from binge drinking, the quest to get as drunk as possible before last orders.  i hope licensing laws can be relaxed which would help eradicate that problem.

i prefer the drinking culture in china.  it's more social but i still see plenty of violence.  fights in the discos not to mention the public wife-beatings.

the story about the cantonese girl is very sad but i've heard of similar things happening in china.

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hey duck

I've been to europe and the racism I noticed there is not more than the racism I notice here.

The way I define racism is treating people from other nations differently from your own nation.  The "differently" could be "better" and "worse"

Do you notice that foreigners were allowed to stay in only certain hotels (with foreign business licenses) in China?  Do you notice that only foreigners were entitled to buy soft seat cabinets in trains till not long ago?  Do you notice that foreigners had to pay a higher price for buying a home in China?  Do you notice that still, foreign invested companies pay less income taxes?  Do you notice that in almost every bargainable markets vendors ask for higher prices when the buyer is a foreigner?  Do you notice that in medium-lower end department stores which are the majority of Chinese department stores foreigners get better services? Do you notice that Chinese people treat foreigners differently from their own people?

I have noticed these things.  Most of the time I go shopping with my foreigner friends the sales people are so curious and ask me if I were their translator or secretary.  Why couldn't they assume that I was their friend or their boss, which is the fact?

That's what I call racism in China.  Here we have shown both of the 2 inferiority complex.  One is the absolute admiration towards foreigners and the other is the discrimination against foreigners.  Both are regarded as racism.  I suggest you visit my thread of "a peep at Chinese culture"

I have been to India.  It is not true what you said.  In high-end restaurants I saw many Indians eating there and in normal places, it is their tradition to eat on the floor with hands.  If eating on the floor is considered discrimination, then the whole japanese nation is discriminated by themselves.  Eating with hands is a tradition just like we eat with chopsticks.

Fortunately I have been to Kenya as well.  There I didn't see the "white class" and "black class" trains either.  I wonder if you are talking about South Africa, which is a special place in africa.  it is still a white colony.

Don't lie duck, and never assume that you know more so that you can lie just because you are older


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Founderdata your very thick & stupid !!!

Didn't you get what i said, it very rare to find chinese people in UK also the same it hard to find White trash in china but if you do do chinese people abuse white trash when they are

Yes there are cases where chinese guys abuse chinese gals, i don't deny this, that was not my point.

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