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Why chinese girls are so easy to get foreign boyfriend but not the other way rou [Copy link] 中文

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I like to use colour, labour, Happy Bastille Day !!!!!!! July 14 !! We kick the

Yes, you forget we spell arse, not ass !!

We love to use labour, colour, defence, bloody murderer !!

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liangzai, just check your computer, there are over 15 different versions of Engl

Who said American English is always correct !

What an idiot liangzai is ! a white trash, dickhead , just like founderdata, you two make a good pair of pimps in Shanghaila cum dumpster alley !!!

I also invest in tissue/toilet  paper "MADE IN CHINA" !! hahha , Do you know the jokes ?

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Chinese marriage to other races.

Many Chinese men are married to persons of other races in the U.S. and Europe.

Western women find Chinese men to be very attractive and intelligent partners. In states like California, Hawaii these interracial marriages are quite common.  

I think what you are observing in China's large cities is that foreign women are not represented in the population. Western men are here in various occupations, and of course are attracted to Chinese women.

But members of the forum should not,  in my  opinion,  take offense at
mixed couples.  We cannot be provincial in our outlook. There is a big world out there, we are all in the mix, yes?

Surely members of this open forum should  regard all people as honest, unless proven otherwise. China is open to the international community.  

Countless Chinese students are in Universities all over the world, and are coming into contact with various peoples. They are mature enough to
see this as a positive exchange of ideas, culture, and yes, even love.

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you have mental problem

dear_charles, i really think you need to see mental doctor.
get going to see one, otherwise you are dying!

btw, fiorii is fairly cool woman!

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i hope you're kidding about the brown shoes

i thought everyone worldwide knew you don't wear brown shoes with black clothes. if you're wearing black clothes you must wear black shoes. its like a basic fashion law

as for dating a guy that filled the aforementiioned criteria, yes I would if I liked him and he had a good personality.

yeah western girls are for the most freaked out by guys who want something more from a relationship but we still are looking for that someone too, however we feel more comfortable when its a slow process. plus living here in china most of us aren't thinking of making our lives here so we aren't looking to marry chinese guys.

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Carrie 515

Yes, Carrie, I believe you are correct.  Guys, just go for IT.  IT is out there

waiting for you; say Hello, that is all it takes.

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Brown shoes and foreign girls

Carrie, how spot on your suggestions to exactly everything foreign girls don't appreciate about Chinese (and other nationalities') 'behaviour'. Especially the long nails and brown shoes (no, it simply can't be justified!) but might I add IN CAPITAL LETTERS - spitting! What is up with that?

I spent a long time considering what actually made me feel so unattrackted to the Chinese population, only recently realizing it was not what I found unattrackting about Chinese people but more about myself, that I avoided. Simply being taller, fatter, better at table soccer and having a more faul language than my potential Chinese counterpart would make me feel COMPLETELY alien - and that in a world where I finally learned to live with the fact that I can't go on a bike ride without at least one bus having nose-marks on the windows from all the people who wanted to stare, the grandmothers whispering to the small children 'kankan' and every taxi drivers' impolite comments on my bad pronounciation (she can't even say her address!).

It took a long time learning enough Chinese to regain at least part of my independence ('can you please write the address for me', 'how do I say 'milk'', 'You just order for both of us' etc.) just as it seems it took forever to appreciate the 'funny' cultural differences but may I say!! - my love for this country in growing for each day and finally the same is true for it's population of the opposite sex.

Obvious from above I am a foreign girl, one of those who's Chinese friends are always telling her to 'get a Chinese boyfriend', simply for convenience. Again - what is up with that? 'Why' I say, only to get the response 'a Chinese boy will take care of you. Pay your bills and stuff'. AHA! How great news for someone who came to China as part of her career plans, has a 'good' apartment, all bills payd by her company and probably earns about 10 times the average salary of the guy she would date. Why would we want a Chinese boy for that?

While I can agree one often sees 'white guys' and Chinese girls together in the streets and not the opposite I would disagree with everything I am to the fact that we don't want to. You just don't give us a chance, stay away because you're afraid, I guess, don't wanna talk to us etc. I have 'tasted Chinese' and liked it, but not for all the reasons people tell me to.

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