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Why chinese girls are so easy to get foreign boyfriend but not the other way rou [Copy link] 中文

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back on topic

white girls have been told that chinese guys will think they are whores. its commonplace in the west to have sex before marriage. for most of us a serious relationship will also be a sexual one. maybe a chinese guy would not understand this, think less of us, or be inexperienced himself and be intimidated.

most importantly chinese guys DO NOT TALK TO US, they act afraid or embarrassed by their language level

if you want to date a foreign girl do the following:
get a funky stylish haircut and ditch your wire frame glasses (get contacts or a pair of funky plastic ones)
do not try to grow a mustache- you can't. be clean shaven
groom your eyebrows
cut your fingernails- for us its not a sign that you don't do manual labor it just looks gross
don't worry about impressing her with money, unless you are a dazzling successful businessman she probably makes more than you
do not wear brown shoes with black clothing
and most importantly is be friendly and confident

chinese girls get foreign guys because they are friendly and are well dressed and groomed. (it may seem that foreign guys prey on chinese girls but they are still picky) and chinese girls approach white guys. you're a lot more likely to get what you want if you're willing to ask for it.

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Happy Independence Day!

Hey carrie515, nice to see your post again. I've got more tips now. Just one question, what's wrong with brown shoes and black clothes? I am pretty sure that you are an american or canadian based on the words you use and you spell labor as "labor" not "labour", Monday is the holiday, all the stores are closed here and the campus is empty. You might not get a day off in China, but still wish you have a good independence day!  You are such a nice lady who spend time helping chinese understand western culture.  I appreciate it!

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Re: Happy Independence Day!

Canadians use old British Imperial spelling: labour.

American and International English spell it: labor.

Unless you are British, Canadian, Australian or a citizen of any other Commonwealth nation, you shouldn't use spellings such as labour, centre, travelling and so on. It is just plain ugly.

Back on topic: I don't think clothing will matter that much. Much more important is your attitude, how you treat her and so on.

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Re: Carrie

So Carrie, would you date a chinese guy if he qualifies most of the criteria that you mentioned? Have to say though apart from the slightly not stylish glasses that I have (titanium half-framed with carbon fibre supports), I would dare to say I don't violate any of the rules. But there is one thing lethal, at least what I reckon, that chinese guys in general seek relationship that will have a future. Many western girls are freaked off by this in-china-could-have-been-good attitude.



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Re: liangzai

I would suggest people to consider before accusing others' spelling. It may upset the ones who are educated in the proper English world. In fact many may not agree that American spelling are particularly beautiful.

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Chinese women, who are bitches like founderdata are very dangerous too !!

Founderdata is a bitch and slut and is very dangerous and pimp for money !

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RE: sugar daddy aka the duckhead charles

Excuse me, I live in Buckhead, Georgia, U.S.A. not Duckhead, Georgia

They have duckheads in Disneyland !!

You, founderdata is a dickhead who sucks white dicks and licks pussies too, what a sick Shanghaila slut  Fiorii !!

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