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Why chinese girls are so easy to get foreign boyfriend but not the other way rou [Copy link] 中文

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u are so annoying lil lad

i make him kick the bucket becoz he wanna use me.....dumbass

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pizzafille, Are you really "dumb and dumber", all girls got a "hole", do you hav

It is called vaginal canal with opening called labia majoria !

It is also the physical difference that all men are so stupid to pursue to eat American pie and pizza, delivered to your house in less than 30 minutes, Chinese pizza USD $300 in New York City! (The minimun going price, or go to watch SEX and THE CITY !)

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pizzafille, Thanks, your home-cooked pizza is delicious, filled w/cums, & U juci

Well, lets' see who pizzafille is, is this another new handler of Fiorii?

Where is Fiorii, the self-proclaimed lawyer, and who are you, pizzafille, I am Domino, and you are pizzahut, hahahha !!

Domino no longer promises to deliver in 30 minutes, pizzafille, can you deliver in 30 seconds !!

I mean get in, and take it all off and just do it in less than 30 minutes, and take a shower too !! Nowadays, they can serve you in 30 minutes !

Now you understand why Chinese girls can choose and pick because they have a tight hole, and you have too !

And the white men love it ! Besides, they are slim and bound up and down on top of the white men and swallow all the cum !

How do you feel if your girlfriend/wife is 196 lbs, I don't think you can lift her up for 15 minutes up and down !! hahahh !

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If i were to think in another angle,

Well, you do not have to be too pessimistic.

Could it be that foreign (may I presume that foreign in this context means Caucasian) girls are shy? Could it be that they (those who has not have a Chinese boyfriend, present or past) may feel inferior or are spited upon by their Caucasian male counterpart for having the "intention" in getting a Chinese boyfriend or having oher thoughts of similiar nature.

This is just my 5 cents worth. Enjoy


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playboy or playdaddy?

Chinese men are equally dangerous when they are drunk.


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it is easy for certain girls to get any boyfriends they want

if they are hot and interesting

So if they want foreign boyfriends, here comes foreign boyfriends.

But it does not apply to any Chinese girl.

On the other hand, it is also easy for certain guys to get almost any girlfriends they want, if they are rich and interesting.

But foreign girls in China are probably less interested in rich boyfriends because if they are, they would have stayed in their own countries in the first place.  

That explains why it is a bit difficult for Chinese men to attract foreign girls.  

But if a Chinese guy is interesting and handsome, and if he wants to find a foreign girlfriend, I don't see any problem for him to find one.   


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pizza is right!

women falls easy for a man she thinks will make her proud. e.g.boost her ego that she could get one.

unfortunately thinks otherwise..if ur not that exciting and sex-filling anymore to them..its bye!

  For the men who cant seem to find a GF..something MUST BE WRONG??! 男才女貌? not the other way around.

  its a logical reason ..right?

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