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Micheal Jackson found innocent of 10 charges of child molestation charges ! [Copy link] 中文

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It is saddening that we have to come through a lengthy trial to reach a vicdict to find Micheal Jackson to be innocent.

Witedevil are you there, this has nothing to do with Black and White or yellow.

The fact is so many women, children fabricated their stories of rape, sexual assault and child molestation for secondary monetary gain.

More than 28% of all reported rape are faked and fabricated, close to 30% of women are telling lies !!

How much you are talking about here in monetary gain? USD $ 20 million dollars !

But the American mafia will settle from 1/2 million USD ($500,000.00 to $2 million. But the US Court will award 20 millions or settle out of court in a sealed document for 20 million dollars.

Is there real friendship between a superstar and a cancer stricken young boy ? No , everything is based on money, money, and money.

The boy's mother is a liar and is proven in Santa Barbara Court that she coached the boy to lie and filed wrongful charges about Macheal Jackson.

But I do hope men stay away from young boys and eightyeight 88 stays away from young Chinese girls, 88 is a sex offender, a rapist who is looking for young Chinese girls, especially virgins.

88's posting stated to develop friendship around the globe with CHINA but what he means is looking for sex, friendship, romance with young Chinese girls. Don't be fool by him , 88.

I hope what punisher2005 posted is a true reflection of his color. He used money to buy love and got burned by his ex- and gave away 800,000 RMB. I would like to know how dump is punisher2005, a cum dumpster just like freedom1, what kind of freedom is in America, NONE !

Micheal jackson has to spend over 2-3 million dollars in legal fees (lawyer fees and expert witnesses fee) Is there any justice here? NO

America, the land of the slaves, the home of the coward, including 88, freedom1, eightyeight 88, punisher2005, go back to your coward home and never come back to CHINA to look for young girls.

88 can not even marry a single beautiful Chinese girl but settled for a divorced Chinese girl with a 11 year-old child, How desperate he is.

88 finally admitted he has been divorced but still hided behind the computer not telling th truth he was married three times and divorced three times before the fourth time to marry a divorced Chinese woman with a 11 year-old child.

88 claimed to be from North Carolina, I believe in that because he is half Indian, meaning Cherokee Indian.

The Trail of Tear is a real journey by the US Government to drive hundreds of Cherokee Indians out of Carolinas through Tenneesee to Oklahoma and relocated, Most of them died during the journey.

88 eightyeight father raped a Cherokee Indian girl that's why 88 is half Indian !!

88 is half breed Cherokee Indian, and half white or black, who knows ?

88 is a sex-offender, stay away from him !!!

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Look at 88's posting he is 69 year-old and married a Chinese girl with a 11y/o c

American old men , divorced, bald, overweight, are coming to CHINA to look for brides, They are not just a failure but losers, divorced three times and finally come to CHINA to look for a bride for the foruth time, This is the story of 88 eightyeight !!

Bribe for the bride !

What a sick man 88 is!! 88 is Thos P. Jackstraw !

Check him out in, type in Thos P. Jackstraw and CHINA DAILY and you can read hundreds and hundreds of his posts and know his color is to develop real "close" friendship with only Chinese young girls !!

Preverted !!

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Good morning

back to compounding your lies upon lies I see

did you stay up with cogito and whampoa all night ) or was that day in your part of the demented world)? -- what were you doing waiting for me to logon? Hahaha!

Why don't you boys stop trying to make the Chinese look like total jerks? -- Oh, is that your plan?

Why do you all want to make China look like a place filled with idiots?

Why do you all hate China and the Chinese so much?

I am just wondering?

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The Trail of Tears referred to hundreds of thousands of Cherokee Indians driven

Hundreds of thousands of Cherokee Indiands were forced out of their land and given to the white men like eightyeight 88, who claimed to be from  North Carolina and his father raped a Cherokee Indian girl and father a son of bitch 88 eightyeight A.K.A. Thos. P. Jackstraw.

Because he is half Indian, (I mean half Cherokee Indians, native American Indians used to live in Carolinas but now in Oklahoma)
developed hatred against America ! What a sicko, psychopath, 88 !!

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what are you fishing for?

Do you suppose that Michael Jackson's money made its way into the hands of the jurors -- that's my guess ...

I have to say, kid, your demented imagination seems boundless ... where are you living?

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88, Dif you deny the fact that once upon a time, the Cherokee Indians lived in C

The Trail of Tears in America has to be told just like the rape of Nanking !!

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The Cherokees

still live in North Carolina -- they are actually doing pretty well ... the divide the proceeds from the gambling casinos among the residents. They have a modern little government and their own little manufacturing plants -- it is really worth a visit!!!!!

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