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Ameican media re-writes history, with bias against China [Copy link] 中文

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Buried deep within a news article on southeast asia military balance, the New York times bent the truth about the 2001 military accident between a Chinese fighter jet and a US reconnasance aircraft:

"[Rumsfel] ordered American military relations with China to be frozen shortly after he became defense secretary in 2001, when a Chinese fighter jet shadowing an American Navy surveillance aircraft in international airspace collided with the plane, forcing it to land on Chinese territory. The crew members were held as virtual hostages for 11 days."

China has always claimed the airspace was Chinese, not international, and the US aircraft was not forced to land at a Chinese military base.  It could have ditched in sea or returned to base as best it could.  The crew were not vitural hostages.  Becuase of their unusual actions, they were detained as trespassers, questioned, and released unharmed -- without being charged.

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Does China want to write other countries history books?

Would not that be nice?

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The USN P3C was in China airspace

It was reported at that time that a Chinese Mig21 "clipped" the P3C. The Mig21 crashed and the PLAAF pilot went missing in action.

The P3C could possibly have made it home, apparently only the radom (the nose) was damaged. At least it could have had made it to a USN ship before ditching. In retrospect, it is odd indeed that the crew chose to land on Hainan island. The crew was treated relatively well, I heard Hainan is a rather idyllic place, not a bad place to spend 11 days at government expense :)

I believe it was a "beat up" by the neo-conservative hawks, and as usual, China fell for it.

Water under the bridge, why drag it up?

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All Western media is biased

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Those Amerikan rednecks are gullible.

They even go to Iraq to die for democrazy.

The US news media are owned by capitalists. Little journalists make up stories and get paid for a living. This is freedom of the $ at work. LOL

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cestmoi, it surprised me that they added it with such a hard slant

The location of the incident may be in dispute because of American and Chinese GPS systems, but there's no disputing that the US pilot requested emergency permission to land.  Also, there's no indication that the surviellence equipment was shut off when approaching the Chinese military base, so the thing could have been gathering data all the way along.  

My favorite part of the story is when the Chinese military sent the USA a bill for the crew's room and board during the time they were detained.  It was like a $1 million for 11 days, which I think must have included their attorneys fees.  I think the air base where they landed had some special significance, but to be honest with you, Ii know of no aiir base (even in the USA) that boasts that it's only a dumping ground for used tires and spare parts.

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Continuous transmission of information

I would suggest that raw data is streamed back in burst mode via satellite continuously, it's not as if the technology is new. The recordings on the disks, I would surmise, are backups.

It is standard procedure to force the opposition to "light up" all their radars and go into "action" mode. Hence the absolute necessity for passive surveillance and observation.

Main thing the crews got home save and sound, sorry for the PLAAF pilot. Not worth human lives.

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