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Speak Chinglish in America [Copy link] 中文

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Chinglish discrimination is a trap designed to hold you back.  

Most Chinese will never attain a level of proficiency in English to speak it perfectly, and I'm not convinced that that is such a good idea anyway.  Speak Chinglish in the USA, where people speak English at all levels of ability and clarity.

The most important thing to remember is that when you are the customer or the guest, then your language skill must be accommodated.  When you are the seller, then let the quality and price lead the conversation.

As an American who is open to other cultures, I can tell you that I have no interest in hearing or reading perfect English from anyone.  That only assures a complete loss of originality.

So speak Chinglish and let your ability grow.  There are some who won't understand you and some who may become frustrated at trying to understand.  That happens always.  Most importantly, you don't have anything to say in any level of proficiency to someone who doesn't want to hear you, or want to see you, or want to understand you.

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But it isn’t only the horror that numbs response.好费解的一句话,麻烦大侠给分析

But it isn’t only the horror that numbs response.好费解的一句话,麻烦大侠给分析一下,先谢了。





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Who is 穆国毫? Is he or she well-known in translation community?

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Speaking Chinglish

I am shocked by your post matt605... "Most Chinese will never attain a level of proficiency in English to speak it perfectly "Is an underestimation of the Chinese, well... "most" of them...

Do you mean to say us foreigners should not bother trying to perfect our Mandarin? Or, unlike the Chinese, we can learn Chinese better than they can learn English?

"Chinglish" is a nightmare, for the Chinese themselves, and those having to try to understand.

I understand you feel accepting people for their abilities should be enough... but the wisest thing is understanding the source of the problem. In this case, the teachers/ method of teaching.

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what happens when Chinglish is accepted...

The world laughs at your BEAUTIFUL here

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divina, don't tell lies.

Nobody is laughing "at China" or "at Chinese people" when they have an innocent laugh at Chinglish.

Nobody thinks that the signwriters were "stupid".

Everybody (except perhaps you) understands that English and Chinese are two totally different languages, and that translation is extremely difficult.

Many companies simply cannot afford the cost of having a native English speaker do translation work for them, and so "word for word" translations or computer translations are used.

Better to have some translation for international guests than none at all.

People laugh at Chinglish because it is unexpected and often quite charming. Nobody is laughing at the Chinese, or at China.

To return to the topic of this thread, matt605 is exactly correct:

"Speak Chinglish and let your ability grow." You cannot learn if you don't make mistakes, and try, try, try.

Do you expect people to wait silently until (somehow) their English is perfect before they speak? That's crazy.

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