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folks watchout for madcow disease! [Copy link] 中文

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Major Cover-Up of UK Ministry of Health, Shame on all Brit and watch out Mad Cow


UK blood donations may be contaminated with Mad Cow Disease.

The medical term is not foot-and mouth disease but Cruetzfeldt-Jacob disease. It is a variant form in the cow with slight variation of the antigenic determinant of the virus.

The presenting symptom of the cow is acting wild and crazy and jumping up and down and appears mad ! That's why they called Mad Cow Disease.

The so-called vCJD disease (Cruetzefeldt-Jacob disease) has been around for years and years and appears very rare until recently.

Also there are testings  done now and is less than USD $1.00 per testing for the so-called asymptomatic cows which are carriers of the disease.

The UK Health Department and the Labour party and the UK government covered up another major disease.

Finally thousands of people who received plasma or other blood products received letters from the UK government today warning that thjey may have been exposed to the deadly human form of mad cow disease in London and throughout UK.

Shame on Urbexer, another cover-up of the Labour Party, who else did the Labour party do, send another 400 British troops to Iraq. Well 85 British troops died in fighting , what a waste of life of British people !

Another cover-up, the British troops were secretly helping the Protestant paramilitary army in Northern Ireland to kill the Catholics.

Another cover-up by the Conservative party.

What the hell, both Conservative and the Labour Party are dirty, bloody dirty and now the blood is dirty too, filled with Mad Cow viruses !

To all Chinese girls, stay away from Urbexer, he "may" be a carrier of the Mad Cow disease and "may" transmit the disease to southern CHINA.

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Another Asian died after eating beef in UK. Shame on the Brit including Urbexer

Urbexer and his UK Government covered up the Mad Cow disease !

Stay away from him

Shame on the Labour Party !!

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Public toilet F, please learn some proper English: "Prostelystiser" !

Public enemy No. 1 and public toilet F, please tell me what it means:


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stop posting here

Keep it up dickhead.

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crach head, time to leave CHINA ! Urbexer, go back to East London to pick your

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ilunga, and others interested in the source

check it out here.  China officially confirmed the outbreak of foot-mouth disease.,,SB111740834482146059,00.html?mod=home%5Fpage%5Fone%5Fasia

Tell me if you have problems in accessing the online wsj.

Another information, foot-mouth disease is not harmful to human bodies, according to scientists.  Such disease will reduce the production of meat and milk from animals.  The disease is contagious among cows, sheep, pigs.  

So the impact on Chinese husbandry industry caused by the disease is already there, with the existence of the epidemic.  Whether the news is told to the public or not is not the most important factor to drag down the industry output.

The interpretation of the coverup is serious because even if a disease like this one that presents no harm to human has been covered up, we don't know if there is anything more serious have been covered up or not.

I agree every government covers up something and once such cover up is discovered, the cover ups are condemned and sometimes they are serious enough for the government to step down.  It is not a problem in China, but still, the public deserves to know the truth, especially those ones concerning public health.  I believe most Chinese citizens, including myself, don't really care the cover up of som conspiracies of power game, but we care about public health.


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thank you ilunga

for suggesting the link.  However, maybe you don't read Chinese, or you haven't seen my very first post that has been deleted within 5 hours after it was posted.

In the first post, I presented the source, in Chinese, with my simple summary in English.  The source was from a news agency, but it was not official.  Therefore, in the first post, I put a disclaimer saying that I did not guarantee the accuracy nor the completion of the information.

Mates, maybe you don't know me, I'm a professional who is not in speculation businesses.  That means, I know, or I don't know.  For those things that I don't know, I tell people that I don't know.  The disclaimer is an evidence.


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