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what's the age do you think old for a female ? [Copy link] 中文

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some girls complained that they are old, yet to me, I think they must be crazy, becuase they are just around 25 year-old, how can they say they are old? I just cant understand their way of thinking.

Hi, friends, what do you think about it?  what's the age we can say that is old for a female?

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after 45

I told a man that I was 37, he said: T'his is really a wonderful age for a woman.' I believe it. After 45, a woman is going old.

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Yes, they think 25 and not Married is old!!! 40 maybe old 'cos no more eggs that

So 25 to remarks is typical......

Look at Mrs Zhu today news,at 103 she is young
'cos can eat two bowls of rice.

I think it is matter of thinking!!!
If lucky,meet good ones,marry young....

Look at the "dressing ladies" who vows not to get married,
at 60 or 70, still young and
no regret with the few things they have.
One great merit is that they bow to Kuan Yin Pusa daily!!!

Take life not too seriously......
If not the wrinkles takes over......

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But I 've been told that even an over 60 year old female can still give birth to children. Is that true?

That day when I am sitting on the bus, I saw an old lady maybe over 70 with wrinkles and dull eyes, I thought of too many things at that moment. How good or wonderful it will be , if we human being can always be the same when we have grown up. No wrinkes, no caducity, no.....nothing will change till the death of everyone. That will be a perfect life. Is it?

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you can be old

at the age of 18 if you have an old heart.

You can be young at the age of 80 if you have a young heart.

Of course, considering childbirth in natural processes, 20-30 is the best age.  45 is a bit old, and over 60 is almost impossible a part from a few exceptional cases

F, stands for freedom, friendship and fioretta

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It's not age, it presentation.

Recently I was in Hong Kong walking down Nathan Rd, one woman was passing by,she was a crowd stopper,
I would say she was 55/60, but she knew how to dress & apply make up, her figure was immaculate, the way she walked with confidence,
She just gave you the feeling that you wanted to say "Hello" & congratulate her on her effort on her personnal appearance,

In contrast to some younger women that have hairy arm pits spit & smoke,

It's not age it's "Flair & Charm" many women will never have it however hard they try,

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Hi lafter

I cant agree with you more.
Well done. I would say that some of my older generations are just like what you said, although they are approaching 50 or some already over 50, from the way they are dressing and behaving , you can never tell that they are at that ages, much younger than their peers.  So your age is just decided by yourself, by your heathy and active attitude towards life.

Just be confident and cheer up, all of us can be younger than that we really be. =0)

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