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ISRAEL Cost the USA taxpayer $3,000,000,000,000 just to 2003. .By :The Washingto [Copy link] 中文

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Christopher...whoever you are

..thanks for your courage in continuing to show this kind of data on where American taxpayers' money  -- 3 trillion dollars -- go.

Israel is actually the 51st state of the U.S.  Taiwan isn't.

How do I know?

Because Taiwan has to pay top dollars to get second rate weapons to guard American interests in the West Pacific.  

The Anglo-Americans think of Chinese on both sides of the strait as enemies, similar in status to and lookalikes of the Native Americans (Red Indians) from whom they stole lands in the last five centuries.

That's why instead of supply Taiwan with weapons and money like they are doing with Israel, they are robbing the Taiwanese Chinese through weapons sales -- second-rate weapons at top dollars.

They had just threatened that if the Taiwan legislature postpone the purchase of weapons before the end of May, they would sell the weapons to someone else.

Then as the deadline date drew near and the Taiwan legislature still maintained their original posture of not buying weapons even in the watered-down plan, Washington retracted the threat and said nothing of the sort had ever happened.

Compare this kind of behavior with what you guys see with the actions of derelicts like "chairman" and the other gangsters in this forum, you will see why Zionist Jews are hated the world over.

Hitler was not hated by the Jews for his behavior.

If Hitler were a Jew and behaved the same way killing nationals other than Jews, they would have pronounced him the greatest man since King David -- their immoral leader who lusted after and stole the wife of one of his own soldiers by sending the husband to certain death in battle.

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"Because Taiwan has to pay top dollars to get second rate weapons"

These second rate weapons are enough to defend against the third rate weapons of China. Why do you think China wants the arms-ban lifted so bad.

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Not true

China has no money to buy expensive EU weapons.

All she wants is political equality.

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This is an insight into Zionist thinking

"So the homeless in America choose to be homeless and so the money should rightfully go to the Zionist Jews"


Amazing. -  Zionist thinking ---If it helps Zionism it is A  OK--this includes shooting aid workers----smearing the UN with sex filth libel as chairman has done in the CD forum ----shooting children as a deliberate  strategy to scare Palestinians of their land--shooting a UN aid worker who was a Brit. and conning  "idiot America" out of trillions of $.Oh yes and conning the USA into fighting wars for Israel, eg the Iraq war.

Last but not least running Rachael over twice with a Caterkiller bulldozer.

We can only dream of military payback time at the moment.

IF I am an anti-Semite nazi because of the mentioning the above in a political forum --guilty as charged.

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Seneca here is your paper BACK 7x*

Christopher, your thread is under threat of extinction!  *self conceit
You are a single-topic man, a dinosaur condemned to recycle your British Nazi trash! You know little about the world and read too much anti-Israeli propaganda and agitprop. *attack of the person
Question #1.Why should British skinheads worry about U.S. taxpayer's money outflows to Israel?
Question #2.Why should you worry about the down-and-out in the U.S.A.? Don't you have such cases in merry old England as well? I have seen them in Manchester. I have also known lots of clochards*unknown word cloche is closest    in Paris and Lyons. I have seen the druggies in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Zuerich. European taxpayers are wasting a lot of social funds on these antisocial elements.
Back here in Cathay or CHina, your ally and fellow antisemite*personal attack   Wacko is sure to be among those who never give the beggars a dime. Why should he? There are way too many, and they keep multiplying because there are so many misguided gullible idealists or treacherous snake charmers like you that always magically produce some loot for these "poor"... Beggars of the world unite! Christopher will lead you! Wchao37 will hold the money bowl! * calls for conclusion

sincerely, you should by now have noticed your thread has absolutely no relevance to the majority of forumites.
And whether some of us are "zionists" is even more irrelevant; this is a respectable political persuasion that any adherent can be proud of. * no factual information backing one's premiss
Much more so than of being member of a political movement that is calling for the slaughter of an entire ethnic or religious community! *questionable practice of ending at the beginning no substantial proof
7x* seneca you can do better than that

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Well said!

What cracks me up is how easily wchao and shuangboy got sucked into chrisnazi's vitriol.
I thought our good "doctor" had a mind of his own.(albeit long-winded, biased and predictable)
Shaungboy showed some promise.

It's been said before but it cracks me up that neither wacko nor wacko jr. ever used the term Zionist before chrisnazi came along.(if they did it was minor and in passing)

The unholy trio: chriswackoshuang!


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Reply: Why do they want to go down that dark ladder?

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