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Why Chinese Women [Copy link] 中文

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Oh my god, that was what I was going to say!

Whitedevil said some of his co workers are Chinese and I was going to tell him why not ask them as they are Chinese woman.

So whitedevil, can we expect on Monday to find out from your Chinese female co-workers if they are born with hair on their vaginas???

And as for the link for Egypt, I really don't care about something that has happened 5,000 years ago. In all honesty, I don't even plan on marrying an Arab at all.

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Did you shave your pubic hair???

Why should they shave their pubic hair ,it's part of nature.

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Re: Did you shave your pubic hair???

But then again, so is beard, hair in the arm pits, hair on the legs, and so on...

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i shave

its a lot better to shave,!

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I hate double standard bullsh*t

she doesn't think armpit hair is ugly. it's what nature gave people, why should we be ashamed of it?

Westerners typically have body odor that's better managed if they shaved their armpit hair. asians don't have that body odor.

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do as you like

There are reasons for people to have thicker hair at certain areas of their bodies.  These are sensitive areas that needs protection.  

Shaving is an imported habit and some people adopt it, some don't.  

Before, Chinese women didn't shave their armpits because women used tp wear clothes with sleeves most of the time.  Since Chinese women started to wear sleeveless tops, it becomes more popular that they also shave their armpits.

Still Chinese people don't go to beaches very much and as far as their male partners don't complain, they won't bother to shave pubic area.  And even if they do use bathing suits, usually there is no need to shave because Chinese women are not so hairy comparing to white girls and the hair is well covered inside bathing suits.

apart from being natural, it is also personal taste.  Most of Chinese men don't dislike the hair.  

Hope this explains


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Ms. Forietta, It is not easy to shave your pubic hairs! Believe me ! Also it is

No one in this thread ever have personal experience of shaving pubic hair!

It is not easy. First of all, you can shave your pubic hair but having your boyfriend who knows how to shave your pubic hair is better.

The problem is I have to shave my girlfriend's hair every 3-4 days.

The pubic hairs grow back very , very fast and the root of the hair grows back in a few days.

It is cultural to shave the pubic hairs and I doubt any Chinese girls in CHINA will go to all nude beaches with a bush of hair.

It is an art to shave the public hair. You can shave it in a V-shape or straight ! or just shave them all.

One of the reason is it is very popular in the West to have a tattoo placed on the right corner of the pubic triangle. So it is not possible to leave any pubic hair behind.

Also westerners engage in oral sex and it is quite aweful to lick all the pubic hair.

I prefer girls with just a small trim of pubic hair or no hair at all and I can play with it, lick it, and finger it and more..................

It is cultural. Also you have to use quite an expensive razor about USD $8.00 and I actually use my gf's razor to trim all my pubic hairs too.

I have to do it too to shave my pubic hair every three to four days. (As a man , I trim all my pubic hair and it is really nice to see her to swallow my hot rod and play with my piston and shake it , twist my penis, slide up and down inside her mouth and also squeeze it and she can lick all my sperm if I have no pubic hairs. I never cum , never means never, but it is nice to have no pubic hair and cum once a while and have her to lick all my sperm and swallow it.

She likes it because she loves to swallow my big, hot dick all the way inside her mouth !!!

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