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Is Japan really friendly? [Copy link] 中文

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communist? give me a break.

if you ask me, the way the government handles what it publicises is worse than what the CCP does. they are preventing the numerous truths in history in order to perserve whats left of their "dignity." as far as i know, china only exaggerates in some cases, but at least it does not hide the truth.

im living in the states, and i would be quite irritating to meet a japanese person who was not taught about pearl harbor. it's quite irritating to know that they can just go to someones country knowing nothing about what their ancestors have down to its people.

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I cannot agree

i'm afraid I cannot agree with that, I don't like jap just as they do to us anyway

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f4 y3

I think this person lives in a paper live in the US and yet know little of the world around you

If you are irritated by others ignorance ( as I am now) I suggest you first ask them if they are familiar with certain world events and let them tell you what they know.

Its not their fault they dont know....Im sure there are many things I dont know about my  own country we can educate each other...

After...after...they find you might sound surprised ,,but without screaming at them you could tell them what you learned at school.

I took a chinese friend to see a lovely movie about Tibet, she was very surprised to find some facts were very different than she learned at school.

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It seems this person lives in a paper bag...maybe in the states so I guess its a large paper bag

The difference is that i suppose I think my paper bag is bigger ...

Im sure we are all guilty of not knowing everything of our countries, I cant beleive you fully know your own

So remember , its not someones fault that they dont know....their paper bag is just smaller than was given to them

Perhaps ask someone what facts they were taught at school or elsewhere first , then tell them what you were taught.
The truth will be somewhere in between!!

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Paper bags


You raised an interesting point, we are all living in paper bags, big or small.

Yes, our living environment, such as school and media are making the paper bags for us, but the main reason is ourselves.

We received basic knowledge in school, but these knowledge are not enough. If we do not continue to listen and learn, our paper bags are limited.

Needless to say, not all students are smart enough to assort what the teachers taught. This makes a further limitation. Also, we will forget about them when the knowledge are not related with our career.

Dr. Watson was surprised when Sherlock Holmes shown no knowledge of the earth is orbiting the sun. But Holmes replied: what is the matter with me if the earth is orbiting the moon?

I can say, the majority of people in this world prefer small paper bags. The daily work are hard already, who care for the world?

Even the one who are responsible for world affair are living in paper bags. I remember President Bush replied the letter from an English school, and address them as ‘young American’. And six American leading politicians wrote to ROK President Kim Dae Jong, address him as ‘the President of Republic of South Korea’, asking if he will run the second term of presidency.

So many of us critics: people who do not know something because they were not told, people who know something particularly well because they were trained. We have seen too many examples raised for people to support their argument. This is particularly true for media to cover news and report, very often with bias.

We cannot know everything, we are living in paper bags. But we can make our bags larger if we are interested. Don’t wait to be told, and use you own judgment to read what you were told.

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Nippon is Nippon

Mr. /Ms Nippon, I do think you are a Japanese,or at least you are too worship Japan.

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Thanks, blue 1001

for addressing Nippon's post.

I was just about to post my reply ......


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