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Is Japan really friendly? [Copy link] 中文

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some people always say that Japan is a friendly country and Japanese is a nation of loving peace. really? if that is true,then, what proves that? what can japanese rude behavoir to chinese and korean prove? It is a civilized country? No, i cannot see, not because i'm blind.and it is because i'm good sighted man that make me find that Japan is really not a good friend to go along with. however, if japan and japanese do change their attitude towards history and Asian people,  i think we can make friends,and it worth to .

just my personal opinion

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Japanese people

I suppose there is a difference between the Japanese people and the Japanese government.

Japanese people were duped into the Japan imperial army, into being loyal to the emperor, and marched on to conquer other nations in Asia.  This is no difference from Amerikans being duped into the Korea war, the Amerikan war in Vietnam, and many other foreign wars such as Iraq and Afghan.

Japanese people suffered greatly when their loved one died in wars for the emperor.  They were brutally bombed, by two US atomic bombs, and 300,000+ of them were killed.  And, they were only civilians.

In Amerika, Japanese-Americans were sent to concentration camps even though they were Amerikan citizens.  They lost everything, houses, land, properties, education, and so on.  They lost their youth.

In today's Japanese government, the right wingers are doing it to the innocent Japanese people again.  They've altered school textbooks to white wash Japan's World War II crimes. They are going to dupe the Japanese people into another war.

Japanese people should rise up and demand peace. Throw away politicians into the sewer and refuse the resurgence of militarism.

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I think the Japanese soldiers in WW2 are brainwashed by their government at the time. When people are brainwashed, they would do what they believe no matter how relentless that is.

Have you seen an old Japanese movie called "seven Samurai"? I think it's a good movie to know about the characters of the Japanese, normal Japanese.

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Have you actually been to Japan?

It's very easy to say all Japanese are rude or racist if you haven't met them. Personally I have bumped into some Japanese who were clearly shocked to see me - but then again the same happened when I was last in China.

Japanese people are normally very polite, so if they're rude it might seem like they're singling you out. But it's the same for all of us. I had a very limited but pleasant conversation with - can you believe it - a Japanese nun, who was very interested in who I was, where I was from, etc. Then some oyaji (old men) came in to this temple and gave me a look as if they were appalled I was there at all. Then I met some more oyaji an hour later who were very polite and nice to me.

And to be honest, if you want to go on about how Japanese treat other Asians, what about the way Chinese treat EVERYBODY? I have never been to a country people are so damn RUDE. I pay people for their services/products and they frown, moan and basically make it seem as if they don't care about anything. It's as if they're all under a death sentence or something. I was considering buying a moderately expensive ink drawing (v. nice actually) and the assistant walked off when I was in mid sentence. By this point I'd had enough with Chinese "customer service" and asked her if she thought ignoring me would encourage me to buy something. She meekly apologised and didn't wander off again.

So try and put things in perspective. Few people say Chinese are racist because they're mostly grumpy. Just because some Japanese aren't sunshine & happiness to you doesn't mean they're all nasty.

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Is Japan really friendly?


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不像中国 至少没发生过文革

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never believe Japan,China says

I think Japan is a prostitute without honesty and lacking of courage.
If a people never tell truth on his histroy and face the sins he had maken,this people is a real one. All of us never trust this country,especially Japan.

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