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Wake up those chinese girls! [Copy link] 中文

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It is said that there are almost 100,000 foreigners living and working in Shanghai now. I think that is one of the biggest changes in Shanghai during these few years.

We can meet foreigners every where in downtown in Shanghai when we just move another one or two steps. So the girls are getting excited who would like to have native English speakers to be their boyfriends. Of course I don't think that is bad; everyone has the right to make their own choices.

But I just curious that what is the real motive of those girls who offered big kisses and hugs to those foreigners in the club when they just first met. I think yours' parents could be very sad if they would see their pretty but stupid girls kissing foreign fathers or grandfathers.

Please don't lose too much self-respect!

Girls, tell me what are you seeking for?
1. Just a few cups of drink? I don't think you are so cheap.

2. Money? Then you are totally wrong. Men would never spend big money on those kind of girls who are cheap in men's eyes. They just looking for fun; you are nothing to them.

3. Visas? Do you think those guys would like to marry you who offered kisses and hugs at the first sight? Believe me, they will never be touched the right chord by yours.

4. Learning English language? Oh, I don't think so as you are so busy in kissing...

5. Have interesting to offer free sex to foreigners? Maybe I should keep quiet as I am too old fashion...

Frankly, I go to the bar too once a month or more and the only reason for why I going there is just that I love disco very much and enjoying the music with my soul.  No drinks, no kisses, no hugs as I love my family and myself; so I would never forget to give respect to all of them whenever and wherever.

Don't waste your gold age, don't ruin your beautiful life! In another 20 years, would you like to see your girls doing in the same way just like what you did in the club?

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i don't think there's anything wrong with that.

i'm pretty sure that's been the main reason why so many chinese girls have wanted to get to know me.

life in china can be quite boring i imagine for a lot of girls - especially students who want to rebel a little and experience new things.  all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

compare the lifestyle of a student in china to that of a student in britain or america for example.

you're only young once.  why not have fun?

i feel young people in china nowadays are pretty open-minded.  surely that's a good thing.

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girls are not always victims in a relationship

when girls "offer" kisses, hugs, they also recieve kisses and hugs.  So girls are not always sacrificing in a relationship.

a few cups of drinks, English lessons, money, visas.... might be, but they are secondary gains.

I think the primary gains for girls to hang out with men (not only foreigners) are that they enjoy the kisses, hugs love and sex "offered" by men.

If in 20 years I have a daughter and I see her hanging out with men and offering them kisses, I don't think I will mind, as far as she is happy.


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5. Have interesting to offer free sex to foreigners? Maybe I should keep quiet a

ya you got it these girls really know what they are doing in bed

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Open-minded does not mean open-sexual

It sounds that is the only thing could make you have fun when you are young in your life. It is really pity to know that.

Wish you will be really good luck in China, but I am sure you will have no lucky to meet any decent people, whenever and wherever.

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fioretta--oh, open-minded mama!

It is pretty good to read your post here. I do hope you will have a such daughter who will offer kisses to a strange man when they first meet.

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to buxiang

i seldom come to this part , but i found your post very provoking.

in fact, you are waste your time here, coz traditional chinese girl will never do such a tupid thing  while stupid chinese girls do this kind of things from time to time.

never mind,  no matter what others are doing , just live your own life.

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