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Newsweek retracts story on Koran desecration. [Copy link] 中文

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USA newsweekly magazine, Newsweek, today said it could not now confirm the report it issued last week that led to the deaths of now 17 Muslims during rioting in Afghanistan.  The report had stated that source within the USA's Guantanimo Bay prison camp for al Qaeda enemy combatants had read of an investigation about a prisoner's Koran being flushed down a toilet.  His reading of the material was denied today, and the Army insists none of its investigations include talk about flushing Korans.  Yet the Bush administration White House has put pressure on Newsweek to correct the alleged error.  

I think the report is credible.  It came from a credible source and was reported by a highly respected investigative reporter.  Other similiar allegations have come out of Gitmo, but have been dismissed because they come from released prisoners.

The Bush Administration has been very aggressive on interpreting what's allowed under "stress and duress" interrogation procedures.  Although they have intricate details on how to handle the Koran with respoect generally,  the pyschological stress caused by mistreating a Koran isn't specifically identified as torture under the American guidelines.  So they might know all the perfect procedures to use and not use them in order to agitate and humiliate a prisoner during interrogation.  (Gotta find Osama, he's making us look bad.)

Within Christianity, its great book, the Bible, is considered holy and respected but Christians are also admonished about allowing their Bibles to become idols.  So within Christian culture, there is respect for their Bible but not too much.  Sometimes a family Bible will become a central document for recording births, deaths, and marriages, etc. through generations.  Flush one of those and there will be trouble.  But the Gitmo Korans were more like Gideon Bibles, which are found in every hotel/motel room across the USA.

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Gideons provide a valuable service.

There was a time in America when men who had failed would go to hotel rooms and blow their brians out with their pistols, even before the days of the overdose.  Phones and televisions  weren't located in every room, so a despondent person could find themselves detached from the world, and then kill himself.  Nowadays, there are phones, cable, and internet connections.

Partially in response, the Gideons began a campaign to assure that each hotel/motel room in the USA had a bible, a Gideon Bible (old and new testament).  It certainly had some impact on lives who connected with it at the most cricical points of saddness in their lives.  And when the families came to claim the bodies, those on the scene could say that each room comes with a Gideon Bible, thereby sidestepping any implication that they could have done more to help the troubled soul.  It sounds a little bit humorous, but there's a very serious business side to it.  Motels are often the localation chosen by someone for suicide because it offers a private place away from the family.

If yet another salesman blows his brains out when there's a Gideon Bible in the nightstand, no one from the local church will blame the motel owners.

If the Gitmo prisoners had written their names, prayers schedules, or prayers themselves onto the Korans provided, then it would make the Koran they were using a more personal item than if they had not.

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The Newsweek story was retracted becuase it was wrong.

They went with ONE source which your never supposed to do in journalism because that one source could be wrong.  That source now told Newsweek he may have been wrong about what happened.  This was a news article based on unsubstantiated rumors....

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Yet another jew causing trouble

Surprise!  The “reporter” of the story, Michael Isikoff, is a jew.

This is just another example of the jew using their control of the media to turn coloreds against the White man.  

Don’t be so naïve as to think this was a mistake.  

Want to bet if the Newsweek is a jew publication?

Michael Isikoff
Born: c. 1952
Gender: Male
Religion: Jewish
Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Journalist

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