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New China is younger than the US in terms of political developments and modernit [Copy link] 中文

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Some questions for you ...

Dear Lau Guan Kim:

Thank you for your thoughts, I will think about what you are saying!

Could you please elaborate for me, your student, in what context Nixon was misquoted (presumably by wchao37) and how it is misleading. What were Nixon's motives behind the comments?

What do you mean he was an alarmist? I do not remember being put into fear by Nixon of the Chinese. What are referring to here?

What do you mean by self-renewal as in political pluralism?


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i think you are mistaken in perspective


You say, "The love-hate rhetoric emanating from either sector stems from hurt emotions: the US views China as ungrateful to oppose American intervention in the Korean War (1950-1953) ...".

I do not see any evidence for this assertion about an emotion and perspective!

The Korean War has become the Forgotten War!

Most Americans believe that McArthur was Hell bent to eliminate communism and obtain territory, a simple cause for a simple soldier and the duty of a General -- take territory! Most Americans agree he was a great General and a stupid statesman, this was touched upon in a biography, The American Caesar, by William Manchester (as I recall).

The other standard thought today, seems more to be that this UN "olice Action" had every phase of its operations leaked to the UN, as argued by McArthur himself in his autobiography, Reminiscences.

Most reasonable American people, and I think I know quite a few, agree that China had no choice but to protect its borders! Most folks I know, think that Truman was justified in caning McArthur, and that Truman was correct not to use atomic weapons. Maybe your time frame is dated, or maybe you do not know enough influential Americans!

I reckon your perception of the American view is off base, today! Further, I would question if such an idea ever had much of a following, and if so, it must have been back under the Eisenhower era!

I disagree with your premise on the American perspective! At best it is very dated!


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American perspective, post Korean War


From the book, The Korean War, by Max Hastings, copyright 1987 by Romadata Ltd., I quote:

".... a war that aroused less public emotion, because in those early days of television it was infinitely less vividly projected, less impressed upon the consciousness of Americans. Even at the height of the Korean War, the Asian peninsula seemed an infinitely remote place, far less real than Vietnam became, beamed nightly for years into the nation's living rooms."

and in the same chapter, Hindsight, Hastings continually makes references to Communists, references are sparsely made or even directed at China, but at that evil notion -- Communism:

".... The decisive reason that it was possible for Western statesmen to sustain people's tolerance of the war was the memory of that devastating, indisputable act of Communist aggression ...."

This is how I remember the media and the voices in America since that time, that Communists were evil, they were everywhere in the world: Asia, Russia, Cuba and Vietnam. It was Communism that was evil.

Communists were popular until McCarthy was exposed as the psychopath he was, then even Communism lost all of its appeal.

No one ever thought much of anything about the Chinese. China was not a common topic at anytime! And why would it be, the media wasn't in China and there was much more excitement right here at home, delivered right into our homes! China was a long way away -- out of sight and out of mind! Pretty much where it is today with most Americans, I think!

" ... I know it's true, oh so true,
'cause I saw it on TV." -- John Fogarty

The Americans have grown up in their views, but China reamians mostly unkown and certainly unmarketed! I think your perspective must be dated!

Conversely, and perhaps, the United States government, acts on a different set of criteria and with a different agenda (the American people don't sit around thinking about what new territory they want next, do you know?).


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Reply: American perspective, post K.orean

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Reply: A.merican perspective, post K.orean

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An American Perspective


I presume you experienced events during this period while living in Singapore. However, from within my experience of growing up in the US, during this period I don't recall anyone who might have had the same kind of recollection as you. The "Red Commies" was the call! -- and they were everywhere at this time: Soviet Union, Albania, the Belgian Congo, Cuba, etc. Cuba was a critical attention grabber! The US was preparing for the next World War with the Soviets! That was the overwhelming concern! China was not directly threatening interests nor territory, either! China wasn't getting any attention from the media in the US! They still don't!

We have a different perspective. Your perspective is interesting, I assume you received a lot of British News, etc. I have no idea what your history books may have said, nor what you read in the press in and around Singapore.

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I don't think any American I know of, really has given much of a thought as whether China was going to supersede them! I guess we don't travel in the same circles, huh?

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